System Select - Casio G'zOne Ravine 2

  1. From the main screen, select MENU.
    Note Utilize the 5-way navigation pad to highlight and the OK button to select.
  2. Select Settings & Tools.
  3. Select Phone Settings.
  4. Select System Select.
  5. Select a setting then press OK.
    • Network Mode
      • Highlight an option then select SET.
        • CDMA Mode
        • GSM Mode
        • Global Mode
    • CDMA Settings
      • Highlight an option then select SET.
        • Automatic
        • Home Only
        Note System Select should be set to Automatic, unless you have been advised by technical support to use another setting.
      • GSM Settings
        Note Only available when the Network Mode is set in GSM Mode.
        • Highlight an option then select SET.
          • Automatic
          • Manual
            Note The preferred international carrier is automatically selected. You can manually tap an alternate carrier but it may require as many as 6 registration attempts with that carrier prior to successful registration.