Apple® iPhone® 4s - Battery / Call Time / Data Usage

  1. From the Home screen, navigate: Settings Settings icon > Battery.
  2. Tap the Battery Percentage switch to turn on Switch On or off Switch Off.
    Note Turning this on causes the remaining battery percentage to show in the status bar.
  3. From the Usage and Standby fields, verify the time since last full charge.
    Note If not available, tap Battery Usage.
  4. Tap Back arrow icon Settings (upper-left) to return to the Settings screen.
  5. From the Settings screen, tap Cellular.
  6. From the Cellular Data section verify Current Period and Current Roaming Period cellular data usage.
  7. From the Call Time section (requires scrolling) verify Current Period and Lifetime.

Note To reset the usage statistics, tap Reset Statistics (at the bottom; may require scrolling).