Download and Install Family Locator - Android™

Caution Effective 5/13/19, Family Locator will be discontinued and transitioned to Verizon Smart Family™. Refer to these FAQs for more info.

  1. From the Google Play Store, tap the Search field.
    Tap the Search Field
  2. Enter family locator into the search field then tap Search.
    Tap Search
  3. Tap VZ Family Locator.
    Tap VZ Family Locator
  4. Tap Install.
    Tap Install
  5. Tap Open.
    Tap Open
  6. Read the permissions info then tap OK.
    Tap OK
  7. Tap Allow to give permissions for the following settings:Tap Allow
    • Device location
    • Manage phone calls
    • View SMS messages
    • Access to photos, media and files
  8. Tap the Allow write system settings switch to turn it on or off.
  9. Navigate to then tap the Family Locator app Family Locator to open it.
  10. Enter the 10-digit cell phone number, password then tap Sign In.
    Tap Sign In
  11. Read the family members notification info then tap OK to continue.
    Tap OK