Apple® iPhone® 4 - Manage iCloud® Backup Options

Note iCloud requirements:

  • iPhone with iOS 5 or later
  • Mac computer with OS X Lion or later
  • PC with Windows Vista or later
  • Outlook 2007 or later


  1. From the Home screen, navigate: Settings > iCloud.
  2. If prompted, enter the Apple ID and password then tap Sign In.
  3. Tap the desired switches (e.g., Mail, Contacts, etc.) to turn on (in the green or ON position) or off.
    Note When switch is turned on, data is backed up.
  4. If prompted, select one of the following:
    • Delete from My iPhone
    • Keep on My iPhone
  5. Tap Storage & Backup.
    Note If applicable, tap Manage Storage, select the iPhone then tap the desired switches to turn backup on or off.
  6. Tap the iCloud Backup switch to to turn on or off.
  7. Tap Back Up Now to immediately add or remove the data.
    Note A Wi-Fi connection is needed to start a backup.


Note Notes: