Phone Setup Wizard - LG Extravert™

  1. From the main screen, navigate: Menu > Settings.
  2. Tap Easy Set-up.
  3. Tap Set-up Wizard.
  4. Tap a Call Sounds (e.g., Ring Only, Be Silent, etc.) option.
  5. Tap a Touch Sound.
  6. Tap a Wallpaper.
    • My Pictures
      Note If applicable, tap Set.
    • Fun Animations
  7. Tap a Display Theme
    • RedZone
    • Trendy
  8. Tap a Font (e.g., VZW Font, LG Joy, etc.).
  9. Tap a Dial Font.
    • Normal
    • Large
  10. Tap a Clock Format (e.g., Normal, Off, etc.).
  11. Tap a Lockscreen Type (e.g., Drag screen to unlock, Rub off to unlock, etc.).
  12. Tap Set.