Register on the Network and Place a Call - Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender for Business

Note Notes:
  • A wireless device must be idle (not on an active call) in order to register on the Network Extender for Business.
  • The Network Extender for Business supports a maximum of six (6) voice calls, or eight (8) data sessions (EvDO), or a combination of seven (7) voice calls and data sessions are supported simultaneously. An additional channel is reserved to support emergency (E911) calls only.


Warning If HD Voice on your smartphone is turned on, turn it off.  

  1. Ensure the wireless device is located within a 44-foot radius of the Network Extender for Business.
    Note Once registered, coverage is extended up to 7,500 square feet (approximately a 60-foot radius) depending on building construction and Network Extender placement.
    Note To actively verify the device is registered, refer to verify connection.
    Note Both the coverage area required to register and use the Network Extender for Business can't be guaranteed and may vary due to environmental factors, such as physical structures.
    Network Extender coverage ranges
  2. Dial the 10-digit mobile number then press Send.
    Note A short double tone (beep) heard while placing or receiving a call indicates the wireless device is under Network Extender coverage.