Create SMTP Connections - Enterprise Messaging (EMAG)

Note The EMAG system can store up to 60 unique SMTP connections per customer, however only 35 can be active at any one time. 

  1. Sign in to Enterprise Messaging.
  2. From the left navigation menu hover over 'APIs' then click Connections.
    Note To view the navigation menu, click the red tab dotted tab.
    API connections
  3. Click SMTP tab.
  4. From the SMTP connections tab, click Add New.
    Add new SMTP
  5. Enter the appropriate info (e.g., Domain, Fixed code, Default Email Address, etc.) then click Add.
    Note All Domain Email Accounts checkbox allows EMAG to accept messages from any sender whose email domain matches the domain of the SMTP connection. If the checkbox is unavailable, this feature has not been enabled.
    Note The Default Email Address will receive all incoming messages for the connection.
    Enter SMTP info
  6. If All Domain Email Accounts is not checked, EMAG verify authentication for the individual email addresses entered via the Add & Proceed To Enter Email Accounts button.
    • Enter email address and then click Add.
      Note The domain is already provided.
      Note Authentication for SMTP connections in EMAG is done based on the incoming IP, email domain and/or sender email address.
      Enter email address


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