Phone Setup Wizard - Samsung Intensity™ III

  1. From the main screen, navigate: MENU > Settings & Tools.
    Utilize the 5-way navigation pad to highlight and press the center to select.
  2. Select Set-up Wizard then select OK.
  3. Select and configure a Font Style option (Dial fonts, Menu Fonts) then select SET.
  4. Select and configure a Volume Key Control option (On, Off) then press select NEXT.
  5. Select and configure a Call Sounds option (e.g., Ring Only, Be Silent, etc.) then select SET.
  6. Select a Display Themes option (White, Chrome, Eco) then select SET.
  7. Select a Menu Layout (Tab, List, Grid) then select SET.
  8. Select the Clock Format (e.g., Analog, Digital 12, etc.) then select SET.