Customize Kid's Corner Start Screen - Nokia Lumia 822

Note Kid's Corner must be turned on (enabled) to access the application.

  1. Launch Kid's Corner.
  2. Select Customize.
  3. From the 'Name your Kid's Corner' field, enter a name.
  4. Tap choose picture.
  5. Select the appropriate picture folder (e.g., Camera Roll, Backgrounds, etc.)
    linote If applicable, swipe left or right to view folder types (e.g. albums, date, favorites, etc.).
  6. Select the picture.
  7. Tap crop Crop icon (located at the bottom).
  8. Tap the 'Background' Dropdown menu.
  9. Select one of the following:
    • light
    • dark
  10. Tap the 'Accent color' Dropdown menu.
  11. Select the desired color (e.g. lime, green, cobalt, magenta, etc.)