Add a Calendar Event - Samsung Galaxy Tab® 2 (10.1)

  1. From a Home screen, select Apps Apps icon (located in the upper right).
    Home screen, Applications
  2. From the Apps tab, select Calendar.
    Apps menu, Calendar
  3. Select Add new + (located in the upper right).
    Calendar screen, Add
  4. To change calendars:
    Note Available calendars depends on account sync settings.
    1. From the Calendar field, select the current calendar.
    2. Select the preferred calendar.
  5. From the Title field, enter the event title.
  6. Select the From date field.
  7. Set the start date then select Set.
  8. Select the From time field.
    Note If an All day event is selected, skip to step 15.
  9. Set the event start time then select Set.
  10. Select the To date field.
  11. Set the event end date then select Set.
  12. Select the To time field.
  13. Set the event end time then select Set .
  14. To change the Time zone:
    1. Select the current Time zone.
    2. Select the preferred time zone.
  15. To set up a repeating event:
    1. From the Repeat field, select the current frequency.
    2. Select one of the following:
      • One-time event
      • Daily
      • Every weekday (Mon - Fri)
      • Weekly (every Monday)
      • Every 2 weeks (Monday)
      • Monthly (every third Monday)
      • Monthly (on day 16)
      • Yearly (on April 16)
  16. To set a Reminder:
    1. Select the current reminder timer, then select the preferred time (e.g., On time, 15 mins before, 3 hours before, etc.).
    2. Select the current reminder type then select the preferred reminder (Notification or Email).
  17. From the Location field, enter the event location.
  18. From the Description field, enter a description of the event.
  19. To add invitees:
    1. From the Participants field, enter the preferred email address(es).
      Note As the name is entered, a matching contact may appear and may be selected at any time.
      Note To add additional recipients, repeat.
  20. To change status:
    1. From the Show me as field, select the current status.
    2. Select one of the following:
      • Busy
      • Available
  21. To change the Privacy setting:
    1. From the Privacy field, select the current setting.
    2. Select one of the following:
      • Default
      • Private
      • Public
  22. To add an picture:
    1. Select Images.
    2. Select one of the following:
      • Take picture, then using the camera capture the preferred image.
      • Images, then navigate to and select the preferred image.
  23. Select Save (located in the upper right).