Perform a Gmail™ Sync - Samsung Galaxy Tab® 2 (10.1)

Caution Frequent account syncing can reduce battery life.

  1. From a home screen, select the applications icon (located in the upper right).
    Home screen, Applications
  2. From the Apps tab, select Settings.
    Apps menu, Settings
  3. Select Accounts and sync.
    Settings menu, Accounts and sync
  4. Ensure the Auto-sync switch (located in the upper right) is On ( Switch On indicator ) then select the Google account.
    Select Google account
  5. Select the sync option (Calendar, Contacts, Photos, etc.) to enable / disable.
    Note Enabled when a check mark is present.
    Google account sync options screen
  6. If necessary, select Sync now (located in the upper right).
    Google account Sync settings screen, Sync now