Activate / Set Up Device - Delphi Connect

  1. Use the Fitment Guide to confirm the vehicle is compatible with the Delphi Connected Car service.
  2. Download and install the Delphi Connected Car app to the device.
  3. Log into the Delphi Connected Car Web portal entering the registration key (including the dash) as the username.
    Located on the label on the device.
  4. Enter the case sensitive ESN of the device as the password.
    Located on the label on the device.
  5. Click Login.
  6. To continue, review the Terms of Service then click Agree.
  7. When prompted change the username and password then select Submit.
  8. Plug the Delphi Connect device into the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port in the vehicle.
    The device only fits in one way so it shouldn't be forced onto the connector in the car.
    Use an extension cable / cradle mount kit if needed.
  9. The indicator light should be solid white while establishing a connection with the Verizon Wireless network.
  10. The indicator light changes to solid blue once the network connection has been established.
  11. Place the key in the ignition of the vehicle and turn the key to the On position (not the ACC / Accessory position) but without starting the engine.
    Pushbutton cars: Press the start button without a foot on the brake. (check the vehicle's owner's manual for assistance).
  12. Press and hold the Function button for 5 seconds until the indicator light flashes red once.
  13. The indicator light will blink green until the set up is finished then the indicator light should flash blue approximately once every 10 seconds.
    If the indicator light doesn't blink blue after approximately 3 minutes turn the key to the Off position.
  14. Create the initial trip by starting the vehicle and letting it run for at least 30 seconds.
  15. Log out of the Delphi Connected Car portal then log back into the Delphi Connected Car portal.
  16. Verify that the vehicle information is correct.