Remove Device - BlackBerry® Link

  1. From the desktop, navigate: Start > All Programs > BlackBerry > BlackBerry Link.
    Note If using a Macintosh, navigate: Finder > Applications > BlackBerry Link.
  2. If signed in with your BlackBerry ID, click Sign Out (located in the upper-right).
    Note A device can't be removed when signed in and linked to a BlackBerry ID.
  3. Using the provided USB cable, connect the BlackBerry 10 smartphone to the computer.
  4. Click the device tab (located in the lower-left; to the right of the computer tab).
    Note The name of the tab will vary depending upon the name of the device.
  5. Click the Settings icon Settings icon (located in the upper-right).
  6. Click Remove Device (located on the left).
  7. Click OK or Remove to confirm.