Gmail™ Notifications - Casio® G'zOne Commando™ 4G LTE

  1. From a home screen, select the Apps tab.
    Home Screen select Apps tab
  2. Select Gmail.
    Apps Screen select Gmail
  3. Select Menu Menu Key (located below the display at the far right).
  4. Select Settings.
    Gmail Inbox menu select Settings
  5. Select the email account from the list.
    Gmail select your Gmail account
    1. If Email notifications is enabled, select Inbox sound & vibrate.
      Gmail settings select Inbox sound & vibrate
    2. Select Sound.
      Gmail settings select Sound
    3. Select a ringtone then select OK.
      Note To disable ringtone, ensure Silent is selected.
      Gmail Ringtones select from the available options
    4. Select Vibrate.
      Note A blue check indicates vibrate is on.
      Gmail settings select Vibrate