Voice Activated Dialing - Nokia Lumia 928

Note To use voice activated dialing, set up and launch Cortana.

  1. Press and hold the Search key (next to windows logo).
    Note Alternatively, from the Start screen, swipe left to display the Apps list then select Cortana.
    Search key
  2. Say one of the following example commands:
    Note If presented, select speak.
    • 'Call <Name or #>' (e.g. Call Mike Smith, Call 9995552011)
    • 'Find <Search term>' (e.g. Find Verizon Wireless)
    • 'Open <Application name>' (e.g. Open Internet Explorer)
    • 'Text <Name or #>' (e.g. Text Mike Smith, Text 9995552011)
    • 'Note <Task>' (e.g. Note send birthday card)
  3. If prompted for location, say the appropriate location (e.g. Mobile, Home).