Send Video Message - Nokia Lumia 928

  1. From the Start screen, swipe left to display the applications list.
    Note Alternatively, select the right arrow ( Right arrow icon located in the lower-right; may require scrolling to the bottom of the Start screen).
  2. Select Messaging.
  3. Select new ( New icon located at the bottom).
  4. From the 'To' field, enter a 10-digit mobile number.
    Note Alternately, enter a contact name. As the name is entered, a matching contact may appear and can be selected at any time.
    Note Alternately, select the plus symbol ( New icon located in the upper-right), select a contact then select the appropriate mobile number (if applicable).
    Note Repeat this step as necessary to add additional recipients.
  5. From the 'type a text message' field, enter a message.
  6. Select attach (located at the bottom).
    Attach icon
  7. Select video.
  8. Select the appropriate video folder (e.g. Camera Roll, Saved Videos, etc.)
  9. Select the desired video.
  10. Select send (located at the bottom; to the left of 'attach').
    Send icon