Verizon Cloud - Mac® Desktop App - Download and Install

Note The Verizon Cloud app is compatible with Mac OSX 10.8 or greater.

  1. Navigate to the Verizon Cloud website.
  2. From the 'Install Verizon Cloud now to get started' section, click Download the desktop app.
    Note The section is located near the middle of the page (may require scrolling).
  3. Click Download Desktop App - Mac.
    Note Allow several minutes for the download to complete. Depending upon Internet connection speed, download time will vary.
  4. From the Macintosh desktop, launch the Finder icon Finder icon (located on the dock).
  5. From Finder, navigate: [User Account] > Downloads.
    Note The user account name varies depending upon what was entered during setup of the computer.
  6. From the 'Downloads' location, select mac_client.dmg or verizon1-3.0.133-1.pkg.
    Note The file name varies depending upon the available software version at the time of the download.
  7. Drag and drop the Verizon Cloud icon Cloud icon into the Applications folder.
  8. Click the Verizon Cloud icon.
  9. Click Open.


Note Check out these FAQs to learn more about Verizon Cloud.

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