Call Filter - Android™ Smartphone - Add to Contacts

Note Call Filter (formerly Caller Name ID) provides you with additional caller detail (e.g., city, state, name, etc.) and enables you to manage and block spam calls.

  1. From the Verizon folder, Apps or via Search, open the Call Filter app Call Filter icon.
  2. Tap the Menu icon Tap the Menu (upper-left).
  3. Tap Recent activity.
    Note If necessary, subscribe to Call Filter Premium.
  4. Tap a 10-digit phone number in the list.
    Tap a 10-digit Phone Number
  5. Tap Add to contacts.
    Tap Add to Contacts
  6. Tap Create contact.
    Tap Create Contact
  7. If prompted, tap Phone then tap Select.
    Note Selected when the circle is filled in.
    Tap Select
  8. Enter the preferred contact info then tap Save.
    Tap Save