Manage Vehicle Information - Delphi Connect - Web Portal

Note Vehicle information can only be changed if the system has not already populated the vehicle information.

  1. Access the Delphi Connect web portal.
  2. Click the vehicle icon (at the top).
    Click the vehicle icon
    VIN Identified Vehicle
    Unidentified Vehicle


VIN Identified Vehicle

  1. Click Edit.
    Click Edit
  2. Enter a nickname and description then click Save.
    Click Save




Unidentified Vehicle

  1. Select an option.
    • Identify by VIN
      • Enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
        Enter the VIN
    • Identify Manually
      • Select the Make, Model and Year of the vehicle.
        Select the Make, Model and Year
    • Add a Nickname
      • Enter a Nickname and Description.
        Enter a Nickname and Description
  2. Click Save.
    Click Save