Volume Controls - Samsung Galaxy S® 4 mini

Adjusting volume controls can help if you're not getting notifications/ringing/vibrating when receiving calls/texts/emails.

Note Pressing the Volume buttons (located on the left edge) up or down adjusts:

  • earpiece volume while on a call.
  • media volume while listening to music or playing videos or games.
  • ringtone volume when not on a call and no media apps are actively used.


To adjust volume settings when not on a call or actively using an app, do the following:

  1. From a Home screen, tap Apps (located in the lower-right).
    Note These instructions apply to Standard mode only.
  2. From the Apps tab, tap Settings.
  3. From the Device section, tap Sound.
  4. Tap Volume.
  5. Adjust any of the following then tap OK (located in the lower-right):
    Note If unable to adjust volume, verify the Turn Off All Sounds setting is disabled.
    • Music, video, games & other media
    • Ringtone
    • Notifications
    • System
  6. Tap OK.