Set Up Device - Nokia Lumia 2520

Note Notes:

  • For general information, such as how to navigate the operating system, personalize the Start screen, utilize apps and customize settings, refer to the Windows 8.1 Tutorial.
  • If performing first time (out-of-the-box) setup, ensure that the SIM card is inserted.


  1. Ensure the device is powered on.
  2. From the 'Region and language' screen, configure the following settings as appropriate then tap Next (located in the lower-right):
    • Country or region
    • App language
    • Keyboard layout
    • Time zone
  3. From the 'License terms' screen, review the information then tap I accept (located in the lower-right) to continue.
  4. From the 'Personalize' screen, select the preferred background color, enter a name into the 'PC name' field then tap Next.
  5. From the 'Get online' screen, select the preferred wireless network (e.g. Mobile broadband, Wi-Fi).
    Note If prompted, enter the network security key then tap Next.
    Note To setup a wireless network at a later time, tap Skip this step (located in the lower-left) to continue.
  6. From the 'Settings' screen, tap Use express settings.
  7. From the 'Sign in to your Microsoft account' screen, enter the appropriate email address and password then tap Next.
    Note The first Microsoft account to sign in is designated as the owner of the device. Any subsequent Microsoft accounts that are used to sign in do not have owner privileges (the ability to change or modify users, etc.).
    Note If you don't have a Microsoft account and wish to create one, tap Create a new account (located in the lower-left) then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account setup.
    Note If you don't wish to sign in with or create a Microsoft account, refer to Sign in without a Microsoft account.
  8. From the 'Help us protect your info' screen, configure the 'How would you like to get this code?' drop down menu as desired then tap Next.
  9. From the 'Enter the code you received' screen, enter the code then tap Next.
    Note If unable to retrieve the code, tap I can't do this right now (located in the lower-left) to continue.
    Note Allow several minutes for the device to install apps and complete setup. When completed, the Start screen appears.