Testing Charging Circuitry Functionality - Samsung Galaxy S® III

Note Perform the following steps, to test the Galaxy S III for hardware-related charging issues caused by a faulty charging port or faulty internal components.

  1. Remove the battery from the device.
    Note During this step, the battery terminals can be checked for damage/corrosion.
  2. With the battery removed and the device facing up, plug an OEM charger into the charging port and observe the LED indicator.
    1. If the charging circuitry is working properly, the LED indicator will stay solid red for 4 seconds, followed by a short vibration from the device.
    2. If the LED indicator does not illuminate, try a different charger and/or a different wall socket.
    3. If the LED indicator still does not illuminate with a known working charger and wall socket, the device may have a faulty charging port or faulty internal circuitry and may need to be replaced.
    LED Indicator