DROID Command Center - DROID Mini / DROID Ultra / DROID Maxx by Motorola

Note The DROID Command Center is a Widget providing clock, weather and charging modules.

  • The Clock module provides links to the settings for DROID Zap and Wireless Display.
    1. Flip the clock face up or down then select DROID Zap DROID Zap icon or Wireless Display Wireless Display icon.
  • The Weather module provides current weather for different cities.
    1. Flip the weather face up or down then select Add cities.
    2. Select Temperature Units then select either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
    3. Select the Current Location switch to enable Current location switch, On icon or disable Current location switch, Off icon.
    4. To add cities:
      1. Select Add a city (located at the bottom).
      2. Enter the city name then Search Search magnafing glass.
      3. Select the appropriate city.
  • The Charging module provides a link to Settings.
    1. Flip the charge face up or down then select Settings Settings icon.