Samsung Gusto® 2 - Adjust Display Settings

  1. From the main screen, navigate: Menu > Settings > Display.
  2. Select Menu Layout.
  3. Highlight and option (Tab, List, Grid) then select OK.
  4. Select Replace Item.
  5. Highlight an item to replace, select EDIT, highlight a new item then select SET.
  6. Select Position Item.
  7. Highlight an item to move, select MOVE, re-position the item then select SET.
  8. Select Reset Menu.
  9. Highlight an option (e.g., Menu Items, All, etc.) then select OK.
  10. Select Clock Format.
  11. Highlight an option (Main Clock, Front Clock) then select OK.
  12. Highlight an option (e.g., Digital 12, Digital 24, etc.) then select SET.
  13. Select Front Contrast.
  14. Highlight desired contrast level then select SET.


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