Samsung Galaxy S® 4 - Galaxy Gear Manager Download Install

  1. With the device powered on, touch the Smartphone to the Galaxy Gear Charger (back-to-back).
  2. If presented with the Install screen, tap OK.
    Galaxy Gear Manager Software download install screen, OK
  3. From the Gear Manager screen, tap Install.
    Note Download/Installation takes a few moments to complete.
    Galaxy Gear Manager Software install screen, Install
  4. From the Bluetooth pairing request screen, tap OK.
    Galaxy Gear Manager Bluetooth pairing request screen, OK
  5. To continue, review the End user license agreement and ensure the two check boxes are selected then tap Next.
    Note To agree to provide Samsung the error log data from any Software Update failure your devices experiences, tap Yes. Otherwise, Tap No thanks.
    End user license agreement screen, Next
  6. If presented with an Information Provision Agreement screen, tap Agree.
    Information Provision Agreement/Voice Memo screen, Agree