HD Voice - Place a Video Call

Caution Caution:

  • HD Voice is not recommended for customers who have a 1X/3G Network Extender or use a TTY/TDD device.
  • Customers with the new Verizon Plan Safety Mode speeds or PrePaid monthly plan with Always-on data may experience buffering and potential connection time-outs. 


Note Requirements:

  • must be in Verizon 4G LTE coverage area.
  • must have Verizon video calling capable devices (video calling is only available between Verizon to Verizon) and be provisioned for HD Voice service.
  • must have compatible device.
    Note Video Calling isn't available for Apple® iOS  and Windows Phone OS devices.


  1. From a Home screen, tap Contacts.
    Note If unavailable, navigate Apps > Contacts.
    Note Under Groups (where available), a new Video Calling group lists all the contacts with video calling capability.
  2. Tap the desired contact.
  3. Tap the Video Camera icon Video Camera icon (located next to Phone icon).
    Note If unavailable, attempt to refresh the contact by navigating Menu Menu icon > Refresh.


Upgrade to Video call

While in an active HD voice call session, tap the Camera On icon Video Camera icon to upgrade to a video call.
Note To initiate one-way video sharing, tap the Rear Facing Camera icon or the One Way Camera icon.


Note Notes:

  • Video Calling is included in existing plans.
    Note The voice portion of the call is billed per minute of use and the video portion is billed as data.
  • No data charges apply for video calls over Wi-Fi.
  • HD Voice is supported only on HD Voice capable BluetoothTM headsets.


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