Verizon Cloud - Android™ Tablet - Manage Settings

Note Check out these FAQs to learn more about Verizon Cloud.

Caution Caution:

  • If you have a prepaid number, you can only sync contacts.
  • Using Wi-Fi to sync content helps reduce any applicable data charges.


Note Notes:

  • Ensure your Verizon Cloud app is up to date as the steps below apply to the most recent version.
  • Unless the tablet has its own 10-digit mobile number, it can only share a Verizon Cloud account with another device.


  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon or swipe up from the center of the display to access all apps.
  2. Tap the Verizon Cloud icon Verizon Cloud icon.
  3. Tap the Navigation Menu icon Menu icon (upper-left).
  4. Tap Settings then select one of the following:
    • What to Back Up
      1. Select the desired content (e.g., Contacts, Photos, Music, etc.)
        Note Selected when a checkmark is present.
      2. Tap Save.
    • How to Back Up
      1. Select 'Wi-Fi Only' or 'Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks'
      2. Tap Save.
    • When to Back Up
      1. Select the desired time (e.g., Hourly, During the day, At night, etc.).
        Note Selected when a red dot is present.
      2. Tap Save.


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