Verizon Cloud - Apple® iPhone® - Back Up Contacts

Note Notes:

  • Contacts can only be managed from the handset version of the app.
  • Ensure your Verizon Cloud app is up to date as the following steps apply to the most recent version.


Tap the Verizon Cloud icon Verizon Cloud.
Contacts Setting
Backup Contacts


Contacts Setting

  1. Tap the Navigation Menu icon (upper-left).
    Tap the Navigation Menu Icon
  2. Tap Settings.
    Tap Settings
  3. Tap What to Back Up.
    Tap What to Back Up
  4. Slide the Contacts switch left or right to turn the backup settings on of off.
    Note Turned on when in the green position.
    Turn on the Contacts Option
  5. Backup contacts.




Backup Contacts

  1. Ensure the Contacts Setting is turned on.
  2. While on the Home screen, tap the Backup icon.
    Tap the Backup Icon
  3. Tap Back Up Now.
    Tap Back Up Now