Mobile Broadband Self Activation - 4G LTE

Note 4G LTE Self Activation:

  • introduces the capability for a customer to initiate VZW 4G LTE cellular service directly from the mobile device via the Online Portal.
  • is available for SIM with no service on devices such as:
    • USB modems
    • embedded modules
    • iPad®
    • Chromebook
    • 4G routers and tablets
  • isn't available for Smartphone activation.
  • Device must be in a Verizon Wireless Broadband area to utilize the Self Activation portal, refer to the Coverage Locator for additional assistance. If outside the Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband area, please contact 800-786-8419.
  • B2B customers: contact your Single Point of Contact (SPOC) and provide the following info:
    • IMEI/Device ID


  1. Power on the new VZW device.
  2. For first-time setup, launch a web browser session.
  3. Select the appropriate service:
    • Monthly Mobile Broadband Service
    • Prepaid Mobile Broadband
  4. Select the desired price plan, complete the account setup tabs then click Continue.
    Note The billing and cellular data plan info in the image below are examples only
    Price plan screen
  5. From the completed transaction screen, ensure to save and note account info for any future reference.
    Note The billing and cellular data plan information in the image below are examples only.
  6. iPad users sign up for Verizon service.
    Note From the home screen on iPad tap Settings > Cellular Data > View Account.
  7. Chromebook users utilize the Chromebook client to complete set up.