Guide to Porting Your Number to Verizon

The following guide explains what happens to your calls while your number is being ported under the Local Number Portability mandate. For more information about porting, refer to our Port Your Number to Verizon FAQs page.

There are 3 possible scenarios for transferring your phone number:

  1. Transfer your phone number from another service provider to a Verizon Wireless phone.

    Your phone with your previous service provider will continue to work as normal throughout the transfer process. During this time, you can use your new Verizon Wireless phone to make calls, but not receive calls.

    You'll receive a free text message from Verizon Wireless to your new phone once the port is complete. At that time, all calls made and received will be with your new Verizon Wireless phone.

  2. Replace your existing Verizon Wireless phone number with a phone number from another service provider.

    During the transfer process, your Verizon Wireless phone and the phone you have with the other service provider will continue working as normal.

    When the port completes, we'll send a free text message to your Verizon Wireless phone that includes instructions for how to reprogram it. When you receive the text message, your phone with the other service provider will stop working, and you should reprogram your Verizon Wireless phone right away.

    After reprogramming, you'll be able to make and receive calls with your Verizon Wireless phone, using the number you ported from your other service provider.

  3. Transfer your phone number from a Verizon Wireless reseller when activating a new phone.

    You can continue to use the phone you have with the Verizon Wireless reseller until your port is complete. Once the port is finished, your Verizon Wireless reseller phone will stop working. You'll need to program your new Verizon Wireless phone before you can make and receive calls.

    If your new phone doesn't work after programming it, or if you're unsure if your service provider is a Verizon Wireless reseller, please call (888) 844-7095 from another phone and the Port Center will be glad to help you.