Good Mobile Messaging FAQs

General Information

  1. Which email services can I use with Good Mobile Messaging?

    Good Mobile Messaging is fully compatible with the Microsoft® Outlook® and IBM® Lotus® Notes® environments.

Using Good Mobile Messaging

  1. How do I turn off or remove the signature block from the bottom of each Good Mobile Messaging email?

    To turn off the signature from an individual handheld:

    1. Go to the Email application, click on the Menu button.
    2. Go the Options menu at the top, select Email Options.
    3. Uncheck the Append Signature box.
  2. I want to send an attachment with Good Mobile Messaging. How do I do this?

    Good Mobile Messaging allows you to send attachments along with your email messages. You can attach a maximum of 16 files or images. Your IT administrator may also set a maximum file size allowed for attachments.

    To send an attachment:

    1. Select Compose from either the Today, Home screen, or the Good Launcher. 
    2. Create a message. 
    3. Select Attach File or Attach Picture
    4. Select the file or image you want to send with your message.
    5. Select Done.
  3. How do I assign Outlook's Categories within Good Mobile Messaging?

    You can use categories to organize your contacts by assigning contacts to various groups. Once you have assigned categories, you can sort or view contacts by category. Good Mobile Messaging includes a set of preset categories to which you can assign your contacts or you can create new categories to suit your needs. If you add a new category in Outlook on your desktop, it will be added to the list of categories on your handheld. The reverse is also true.

  4. How do I assign Outlook Categories to new contacts within Good Mobile Messaging?

    To assign a category to a new contact:

    1. Start the Contacts application.
    2. Select New Contact from the menu.
    3. Enter the contact information.
    4. In the Categories field, select Choose Categories.
    5. Select one or more categories from the list to assign to the contact. Select New to create a new category.
    6. Select Done.
    7. Add any additional information for the contact and select Save.
    8. Select OK to save the new category to the list.
  5. How do I assign Outlook Categories to existing contacts within Good Mobile Messaging?

    To assign a contact to an existing category:

    1. Start the Contacts application.
    2. Select or display the contact you want to edit and then select Edit Contact from the menu. 
    3. In the Categories field, select Choose Categories. The Choose Categories page appears with a list from which to choose. 
    4. Select or deselect categories as needed. 
    5. Select Save.
  6. How do I view Contacts by Category within Good Mobile Messaging?

    Once your contacts are assigned to categories, you can specify which contacts to view based on category. For example, you can view all your personal contacts or business contacts instead of scrolling through each contact.

    To view contacts by category:

    1. Start the Contacts application.
    2. Select View by Category from the menu. 
    3. Select a category.
    4. Select All to view all contacts or select Unassigned to view the contacts that have not been assigned a category.
  7. How do I block and unblock senders within Good Mobile Messaging?

    You can block delivery of messages to the handheld from a particular sender.

    To block delivery to the handheld from a sender:

    1. Open a message from the sender you want to block.
    2. Select the sender in the From field.
    3. Select Block Sender from the menu.

    Email messages from that sender are no longer sent to your handheld. However, they will appear in Outlook or Lotus Notes.

    To display a list of senders that are blocked:

    1. Open the Inbox.
    2. Bring up the Options menu.
    3. Then choose Blocked Senders.

    To unblock a sender:

    1. Open te Options menu.
    2. Select "Block Senders.
    3. Select the sender.
    4. Select Remove Block from the menu.
    5. Answer Yes when prompted.


  1. Good Mobile Messaging is synchronizing my Inbox but none of my other folders in Outlook are synchronizing. How do I make other folders synchronize?

    By default, all new email messages delivered to the Inbox in Outlook or Lotus Notes will appear on your handheld. However, if Outlook or Lotus Notes is set up to filter incoming messages to a folder other than the Inbox, you must set that up on your handheld as well. Otherwise, new email messages sent to that folder will not appear on the handheld, even if you manually move them to another folder.

    To synchronize messages filtered to other folders:

    1. Select Good Messaging Preferences from the menu in the Email window.
    2. Select Email Delivery.
    3. To add a folder to the list, choose Add Folder from the menu.
    4. Navigate to and select the folder you want to add.

    You can't add the Sent Items, Deleted Items, Outbox, or Drafts folders to the list. These folders have pre-defined synchronization behavior. Incoming messages filtered to this folder will now appear on your handheld.