Network Extender Location Issue Resolution

Details about your Verizon Wireless Service Issue

We've determined there are no Verizon network issues affecting your device. The Network Extender must be moved to obtain a sufficient GPS signal.

Next Steps:

Proper GPS antenna placement:

  1. Re-position the Network Extender, preferably near a southern facing window.
  2. Connect the external GPS antenna to the Network Extender, as shown in the quick start guide.
  3. Place the GPS antenna flat, preferably near a window, with the "GPS" letters facing up.

Please verify the following settings with your Internet Service Provider or router manufacturer:

  1. Cable modem/home router firmware is updated to the most current version
  2. VPN Pass-thru is enabled
  3. If your router supports QoS, enable QoS mode
  4. DMZ Mode is on
  5. MTU size = 1500
  6. Verify with your ISP the following ports are open: Ports 500/UDP and 4500/UDP, and Port 52428/UDP

Check out our How to guides for common ISP's and router manufacturers, or our How to Set up Network Extender video.

You can also try setting up the Network Extender at an alternate address. If it starts up and operates successfully there, the issue is with your home router or ISP, and you'll need to contact them for additional assistance.

If these steps don't resolve the issue, your hardware may need to be serviced or replaced. Contact us by clicking the Chat with us button at the bottom right corner of this page.