Network Extender Provisioned State Issue Resolution

Details about your Verizon Wireless Service Issue

We've determined there are no Verizon Network issues affecting your device. The Network Extender is connected to a router that may not be configured for use with a Network Extender.

Next Steps:

Please verify the following settings with your ISP or router manufacturer:

  1. Cable modem/home router firmware is updated to the most current version
  2. VPN Pass-thru is enabled
  3. If your router supports QoS (Quality of Service), enable QoS mode
  4. DMZ Mode is on
  5. MTU size = 1500
  6. Verify with your ISP the following ports are open: Ports 500/UDP and 4500/UDP, and Port 52428/UDP

Check out our How to guides for common ISP's and router manufacturers, or our How to Set up Network Extender video.

If your Network Extender can't get a GPS lock, you may need to adjust your antenna location.

Proper GPS antenna placement:

  1. Re-position the Network Extender, preferably near a southern-facing window.
  2. Connect the external GPS antenna to the Network Extender as shown in the quick start guide.
  3. Place the GPS antenna flat, preferably near a window, with the "GPS" letters facing up.