Palm FAQs

About Palm

  1. What is Palm?

    Palm is available as a connected device or as a primary phone:

    • Palm Phone - This is a phone that you can use just like any other smartphone, but it's a smaller size (about the size of a credit card) and includes Life Mode.
    • Palm - This is a companion device that syncs with your primary smartphone. You can leave your phone behind as you work out, hike and enjoy other activities, and still stay connected with access to all your favorite apps.

      About the size of a credit card and water resistant, you can take Palm anywhere. It uses your same phone number through NumberShare, so you can receive all your texts, phone calls and notifications, even when you leave your primary phone behind.
  2. Can Palm be my primary phone? Can Palm Phone be used as a connected device?

    Palm and Palm Phone are 2 different devices:

    • Palm can only be used as a connected device and requires a separate primary smartphone running Android™ or iOS that your Palm syncs with through NumberShare. You can receive calls and messages on your Palm connected device, even when your primary phone isn't nearby.
    • Palm Phone can only be used as a primary phone. It can't be set up as a connected device through NumberShare.
  3. What is Life Mode, and what are other key features of Palm?

    Life Mode is a unique Palm feature that puts you in control of what gets your attention, so you'll never miss out on life's most important moments. It turns on Airplane Mode every time the screen is off, unless you're on a call, streaming music or using GPS. When you wake your screen, your Palm becomes fully connected again. You can control which apps notify you when you wake up the device.

    Palm has many additional features that make it smarter and more mobile:

    • It is IP68 sweat and water-resistant, so it can stand up to your active lifestyle.
    • Google Assistant helps you play music, create events, reply to texts or get directions in an instant by just using your voice.
    • The Gesture Pad and Quick Actions give you smarter, faster and customized control of your apps and their features.
    • It has two amazing cameras (a 12 MP rear-facing and 8 MP front-facing camera), so you'll never miss a shot.
  4. How much does Palm cost?

    To see pricing and purchase options, go to our:

    • Palm Phone page (standalone phone)

      In addition to the cost of the device, you'll pay monthly plan and usage costs, just like you would with any other smartphone.
    • Palm page (connected device)

      In addition to the cost of the device, you'll pay a monthly line access charge of $10/month to share your primary mobile number with your Palm through NumberShare. You may also accrue usage charges when using your Palm, just like if you were using your primary smartphone.

    Note: Palm Phone and the Palm connected device are 2 different devices and can't be used interchangeably. Be sure to shop for and purchase the specific version you're looking for, either the phone or connected device.

    Charges are billed based on your account plan. When using Plam as a connected device, a plan is required for calling and data for both the host smartphone and Palm. An international calling plan is required for each line (otherwise charges per minute apply when traveling internationally).

  5. What smartphones can have Palm as a connected device?

    As a connected device, Palm can sync with Android and iPhone® devices.

    Note: Palm runs on Android OS, so some functions may not be available when synced with iPhone.

  6. What plans are compatible with Palm?

    Palm is sold exclusively at Verizon.

    • Palm Phone can be used on any Verizon plan,* including prepaid plans.
    • Palm (connected device) can be on a Verizon standard account or business account* with a shared data plan, like the new Verizon Plan, to set up NumberShare.

      Note: Palm can be added to an account with mix and match unlimited plans as a connected device, but your Palm will have a separate connected device plan.

    *Certain business apps don't work well on Palm Phone, so it isn't recommended for use on business and government accounts.
    **Palm can't be used as a connected device on prepaid and government accounts at this time.

  7. Are there any plan features my current Android phone can use that Palm Phone can't?

    The only plan features that aren't available on Palm Phone that are available for other Android phones are:

    • Mobile Hotspot
    • Visual Voicemail
    • One TalkSM (for businesses)
  8. What apps can I get for Palm?

    Palm runs on Android OS, so it has access to millions of Android apps, including games, music and social media, through the Google Play Store.

    You can also find many of your favorite iOS apps, like Apple Music, in the Google Play Store on your Palm.

  9. Can I connect Palm to my car and wireless headset with Bluetooth®?

    Yes, Palm is Bluetooth-capable and can connect wirelessly to your car and headset.

  10. Can I use NFC on Palm?

    Near Field Communication (NFC) isn't available on Palm at this time.

  11. How long is Palm's battery life?

    With Life Mode on or background sync disabled: Palm gets an all-day battery life with typical use. It gets up to:

    • 3 hours and 20 minutes of talk time
    • 3 hours of outdoor GPS workout with music streaming
    • 5.5 hours of 4G LTE music streaming
    • 9.5 hours of downloaded music playback

    With Life Mode suspended: The battery life for Palm with typical use is about 8 hours.

    Standby time: 3+ days

    Charging time: Fully charged in about 70 minutes.

    Battery life differs by use, configuration, cellular coverage, signal strength, Wi-Fi connection and other factors.

  12. Does Palm have wireless charging capabilities?

    Palm doesn't support wireless charging.

  13. Can I get insurance for Palm?

    Palm is eligible for device protection, like Verizon Protect, whether you're using Palm Phone or a Palm connected device.

  14. Is iMessage® compatible on my Palm connected device?

    Palm runs on Android OS, so iMessage isn't compatible.

    However, when you use Palm as a connected device, you can still sync messaging between iPhone and Palm:

    1. Disable iMessage on your iPhone.
    2. Download the Verizon Message+ app from the Apple® App Store® on your iPhone. When you use the Message+ app on both your iPhone and Palm, Message+ will sync your messages across both devices.

    You can also sync your iOS contacts, calendar and mail on Palm by following the instructions at

    Note: You can also find many of your favorite iOS apps, like Apple Music, in the Google Play™ Store on your Palm.

Setting up and using your Palm

  1. How do I set up my Palm connected device?

    For step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Palm, refer to our Palm - Setup Device page.

  2. How do I use my Palm?

    Our interactive simulators will show you have to use your Palm step by step:

    You can also find instructions for how to use your Palm on you Device Support page:

  3. How do I update my Palm?

    To get the best experience on your Palm, we recommend regular software updates. In the default state of the device, Google Play will automatically push updates to your Palm.

    Note: If you're in Life Mode, software updates may not download and install immediately because your Palm doesn't stay connected to the network when the screen is off. We encourage you to occasionally suspend Life Mode when you plug your Palm in at night to ensure you're receiving regular updates.

  4. How do I back up my Palm?

    You can set up Google Backup on your Palm to help preserve your information, customized settings and preferences.

  5. What are Quick Action gestures on Palm?

    Quick Action gestures let you access your menus with a quick swipe. They give you easy access to the options you use most.

  6. Should I sync the apps between my primary phone and my Palm connected device?

    Your Palm connected device is designed to help you be present and live in the moment. We recommend a fresh start with apps to minimize and simplify.

    If you do want all your apps on your Palm, it can sync all the apps from another Android phone when you first go through setup. If you're syncing with iPhone, the apps won't automatically sync to your Palm.

    After initial setup, the data in your cloud-based apps (e.g., Verizon Cloud, Google Drive, etc.) will automatically sync between your Palm and primary phone.

    If you download a new app to your primary phone, it won't automatically download to your Palm, and vice versa. You'll need to download the new app to each device you want to use it on.

  7. Can I remove the SIM card on my Palm?

    No, the SIM card is not removable. If you try to remove the SIM card, you may damage your device and lose your manufacturer’s warranty.

  8. If I have a question while setting up my Palm connected device, what should I do?

    If you need help setting up and activating Palm as a connected device, call (877) 840-0244 during the following hours:

    • Mon – Fri: 7 AM – 9 PM (local time)
    • Sat – Sun: 8 AM – 9 PM (local time)
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