Prepaid TravelPass® FAQs

This page explains how you can use your prepaid plan while traveling internationally. If you're not on a prepaid plan, see the TravelPass FAQs or the International Travel page.

For more information about using your prepaid device internationally, go to our Prepaid International Travel FAQs.

General Information

  1. What is Prepaid TravelPass, and how much does it cost?

    For a flat daily fee, Prepaid TravelPass lets you use your prepaid talk, text and data* allowances while traveling outside the US. See available destinations and international coverage.

    You'll be charged $5 or $10 for a 24-hr TravelPass session, based on which country you're in at the time of purchase. The daily charge only applies on days you use your service outside of the US. You'll receive text messages to your prepaid phone stating when your 24-hr TravelPass session will expire.

    You'll also use your prepaid minutes, messages and data* allowances from your plan, just like when you're in the US.

    Note: If you travel to a new destination with a different fee during a 24-hr TravelPass session (e.g., from a $5 country to a $10 country), you'll be charged a new daily fee. You'll start a new 24-hr TravelPass session with 500 MB of high speed data to use. If you travel to a new destination with the same fee (e.g., a $5 country to a $5 country), you'll continue using your same TravelPass session until it expires.

    *High speed data applies for the first 500 MB per day with reduced speeds thereafter. You may receive a text offering the option to buy additional International high speed data when you reach your limit.

  2. What devices and plans are compatible with Prepaid TravelPass?

    Most world devices with HD Voice are compatible with TravelPass.

    You can see if your plan and device are compatible on the Features page in My Verizon. Tap or click Start now in the TravelPass section to check your compatibility.

    Note: If you don't see TravelPass listed in your available features, you may not be eligible for it. You may need to upgrade to a Prepaid World Device and/or switch to an eligible monthly plan.

  3. How do I get Prepaid TravelPass?

    If you're on a compatible device and prepaid plan, TravelPass is already on your line of service but is set to disabled.

    You can enable Prepaid TravelPass using:

  4. I'm traveling outside the US. What countries can I call with Prepaid TravelPass?

    If you're in an eligible Prepaid TravelPass country, you can use TravelPass to call phone numbers within the country you're in or call back to the US (including Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam and Northern Mariana Islands).

    Note: If you need to call a different country while abroad, you can use Wi-Fi Calling. This call will be billed as an international call from the US.

    For rates and dialing instructions, go to the Prepaid International Calling page.

  5. When will I be charged for Prepaid TravelPass?

    When you arrive in a country covered by TravelPass, you'll receive a free international welcome message text. But your 24-hour TravelPass session won't begin until you make or receive a phone call, send a text or use data. Your account will be debited the daily fee at that time, or you’ll be asked to add funds to your account to cover the daily fee.

    You must have enough funds in your prepaid account to cover the Prepaid TravelPass daily fee if you want to use TravelPass services.

    Note: You may need to enable Prepaid TravelPass through My Verizon.

    You'll receive a message when you start your Prepaid TravelPass session, informing you when it will end. If you don't want to incur any additional charges the next day while you're traveling, you can disable Prepaid TravelPass before the end of your session or through the My Verizon app on your phone if you turn on Wi-Fi.

  6. How will I be charged if I travel to multiple countries covered by Prepaid TravelPass?

    If you travel from one TravelPass country to another during a 24-hr TravelPass session, how you're charged depends on if the 2 countries have the same TravelPass daily fee or different fees:

    • Both countries have the same daily fee - You're only charged 1 daily fee per 24 hours for TravelPass.

    • The countries have different fees - In addition to the fee for the first country, you'll also be charged the new fee when you use your device in the second country. This will start another 24-hr TravelPass session with a new allowance of 500 MB of high speed data.

      For example, if your TravelPass session begins while you're in Mexico, it will cost $5. If you travel to Aruba during that 24-hr session, you'll also be charged $10 when you first use your device in Aruba and start a new 24-hr TravelPass session.
  7. What is International high speed data, and how much does it cost?

    Each 24-hr TravelPass session you purchase lets you use 500 MB of high-speed data from your prepaid data allowance. If you reach that high-speed data limit, you'll receive a text message asking if you want to purchase more International high speed data. You can reply "YES" to be able to use another 500 MB of your high-speed data allowance until your 24-hr TravelPass session expires.

    International high speed data costs the same amount as a TravelPass session in the country you're in (e.g., $5 in Mexico, $10 in Aruba, etc.).

    You can purchase International high speed data as many times in your 24-hr TravelPass session as you need, until your prepaid data allowance runs out. For example, if you have a 3 GB data allowance on your prepaid plan, you can purchase additional International high speed data up to 5 times during a 24-hr TravelPass session.

  8. How do I buy International high speed data?

    Once you use 500 MB of data during a 24-hr TravelPass session, you'll receive a text message asking if you'd like to purchase International high speed data. Reply "YES" to that text, and the funds will be deducted from your account.

    This will let you use another 500 MB of your prepaid high-speed data allowance, until the end of your 24-hr TravelPass session.


    • If you don't have enough funds in your account to cover the cost of the International high speed data, your text message will tell you to add funds. Once you add the necessary funds to your account, reply "YES" to the text message to purchase International high speed data.

    • If you don't reply to the text message, you'll be able to continue using data at reduced speeds until your next 24-hr TravelPass session begins.

    • International high speed data isn't available through My Verizon or by phone. You can only purchase it by replying to the text message you receive.
  9. Does International high speed data expire?

    International high speed data will expire at the end of your current 24-hr TravelPass session. It won't carry over to your next TravelPass session.

  10. How do I disable Prepaid TravelPass, so I don't get charged another daily fee?

    If you don't want to be charged another daily fee for TravelPass, you can disable TravelPass in My Verizon. If your previous 24-hour TravelPass session has already expired, use a Wi-Fi connection to disable it to avoid activating another 24-hour session.

    Note: If you disable TravelPass, you can still use TravelPass until the end of your 24-hour session. It won't automatically renew if you attempt to use voice, text or data after that. You'll have to re-enable TravelPass if you want to use it again.

    You can disable Prepaid TravelPass using:

    Note: Some apps may continue to use data while they're running in the background. So if your phone is powered on, it may use data even if you aren't actively using your phone.

    Alternatively, you can turn off your device before your 24-hour TravelPass expires to avoid additional charges.

  11. Do I have to opt-in daily to use Prepaid TravelPass?

    No, you don't need to do anything. Once your 24-hour session ends, you'll automatically start another 24-hour session if you make or receive a phone call, send a text or use data.

    Every time your account is charged for a new TravelPass session, you'll receive a message that includes the time that it will expire. If you turn off your device before your 24-hour session ends, you won't be charged again. If you continue to use your device, you'll be charged another daily fee and get another 24-hour session.

  12. Do I need to cancel Prepaid TravelPass from my account when I return to the US?

    No, you don't need to cancel TravelPass when you return to the US. TravelPass only triggers a daily charge when you use your device while traveling outside the US in a qualifying TravelPass country.

  13. Where can I find the Prepaid TravelPass Terms and Conditions?

    You can view the Prepaid TravelPass Terms and Conditions online.

  14. I live in a town bordering Canada or Mexico. How does Prepaid TravelPass affect me?

    If you live in a neighboring town and aren't intentionally traveling to Canada or Mexico, be sure to disable TravelPass. You may inadvertently connect to a Canadian or Mexican network near the US border. If this happens, you may receive a free Verizon message welcoming you to Canada or Mexico.

    As long as TravelPass is disabled (the default state), you won't incur any TravelPass fees.* But if TravelPass is enabled, you may accidentally incur TravelPass fees.

    *Roaming fees may still apply while on a roaming partner's network.