The new Verizon Plan

Experience the freedom of unlimited data on America's best network with the new Verizon Plan. Beyond Unlimited and Go Unlimited provide unlimited data, unlimited talk, unlimited text and more.
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Apple® iPhone® 8 Plus
Apple® iPhone® 8
Apple® Watch Series 3
Apple® iPhone® 6 Plus
Apple® iPhone® 6
Apple® iPhone® 7
Apple® iPhone® 6s
Apple® iPhone® 7 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S® 6
Verizon Ellipsis™ Jetpack®
Samsung Galaxy S8
Apple® iPhone® 6s Plus
Samsung Galaxy S® 5
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Verizon Jetpack® 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi® 5510L
Moto Z Play Droid Edition
Apple® iPhone® 5s
Apple® iPhone® SE
Samsung Galaxy Note5
Samsung Galaxy S® 4
Samsung Galaxy S8+
Galaxy J7 V
Pixel™, Phone by Google
Samsung Galaxy J3 Eclipse
Samsung Galaxy Note® 4
Moto Z Force Droid Edition
Verizon Jetpack® MiFi® 6620L
Apple® iPhone® 5c
Samsung 3G Network Extender
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)
Verizon Ellipsis® 8
Apple® iPhone® 5
LG Revere® 3
LG K20™ V
Verizon Ellipsis™ 7
Samsung Gusto® 3
Apple® iPad® 2
Droid Turbo by Motorola
Samsung Galaxy J1™ Prepaid
Pixel™ XL, Phone by Google
LG G4™
Samsung Galaxy J3 V
Samsung Galaxy Note8
Jetpack® 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi® 4510L
Droid Turbo in Ballistic Nylon
Verizon Wireless Home Phone
LG V10™
Samsung 4G LTE Network Extender
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime™
Apple® iPhone® 4
Verizon Jetpack® 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot - AC791L
Apple® iPhone® 4s
GizmoGadget™ by LG
Jetpack® MiFi® 7730L
LG G6™
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +
Ellipsis™ Jetpack® MHS800L
Verizon MiFi® 4G LTE Global USB Modem U620L
GizmoPal® 2 by LG
Pantech 4G LTE Global USB Modem UML290
Samsung Galaxy S® 6 edge
Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router
Verizon LTE Internet and Home Phone
Stylo™ 2 V
Moto Z Droid Edition
Verizon Jetpack® 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot 890L
Samsung Galaxy Note® 3
LG Cosmos™ 3
Samsung Convoy® 4
LG Optimus Zone™ 3 Prepaid
Hum+ by Verizon
Motorola moto z2 play
LG Terra™
PRIV™ by BlackBerry®
Samsung Galaxy S® III
DuraForce PRO with Sapphire Shield
Microsoft Lumia 735
Verizon Jetpack® 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi® 4620L
Verizon 4G LTE USB Modem 551L
Verizon Verizon SmartHub with Voice
Galaxy Tab E (8.0)
moto z2 force edition
Verizon Ellipsis® Jetpack® MHS900L
Moto G Play
Verizon 4G LTE USB Modem UML295
Casio G'zOne Commando®
Verizon Ellipsis® 10
Ellipsis™ Jetpack® MHS815L
BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 smartphone
Casio G'zOne Commando® 4G LTE
Verizon Global USB Modem USB730L
LG Extravert™ 2
Samsung Convoy™ 3
Moto G™ by Motorola
ZenPad™ Z10
Brigadier™ by Kyocera
Microsoft Surface 3
LG G Vista
moto e4 Prepaid
Kyocera DuraXV+
Casio G'zOne Ravine® 2
LG Exalt® LTE
Samsung Gear S3 frontier
Galaxy J3 Mission Prepaid
Verizon Jetpack® 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi® 4620LE
Apple® iPad® (9.7-inch)
LG Exalt™
HTC One® (M8)
iPad® Air 2
LTE Internet (Installed)
Verizon Wireless Home Phone T2000
Galaxy Tab E
Verizon Jetpack® 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MHS291L
Samsung Convoy™ 2
BlackBerry Classic
HTC 10™
HTC Desire® 530
Samsung Gusto® 2
Verizon Wireless AirCard® 595
LG G Pad 8.3 LTE
Samsung Intensity™ II
Samsung Brightside™
HTC One M9
Samsung Jetpack® 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot SCH-LC11
Verizon Ellipsis™ 8 HD
Sony Xperia® Z3v
Galaxy Note® Edge
Moto E™ Prepaid
Motorola moto e4 plus™ Prepaid
Verizon MiFi™ 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot - OTA
iPad® Pro
HTC Desire® 526
Apple® iPad® mini with Retina display
Samsung Galaxy S® 4 mini
DROID TURBO 2 - Designed by You
Apple® iPad Pro® (10.5-inch)
Samsung Galaxy Note® II
ZenPad™ Z8
BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone
Gear S2
BlackBerry® Q10 smartphone
Nokia Lumia 928
Apple® iPad Pro® (9.7-inch)
Nexus 6
HTC Desire® 626
iPad® mini 4
LG Revere®
LG Octane™
Verizon Wear24™
Verizon Wireless USB760 Modem
ASUS ZenPad™ Z8s
Apple® iPad Pro® (12.9-inch)
G Pad™ 10.1 LTE
Moto X™ (2nd Gen.)
LG Vortex™
Samsung Galaxy Tab® 2 (7.0)
G Pad™ 7.0 LTE
LG Cosmos™ 2
Verizon MiFi™2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
LG G Pad™ X8.3
Samsung Intensity™ III
Nokia Lumia 822
Gear S®
Motorola RAZR V3m
BlackBerry® Z30 smartphone
ASUS ZenFone™ AR
Moto X™ by Motorola
Samsung Galaxy Tab® 2 (10.1)
LG Revere® 2
Apple® iPad® with Wi-Fi + 4G
Casio G'zOne Ravine®
Apple® iPad® Air™
HTC One®
LG Accolade™
Samsung Galaxy Book
LG 4G LTE USB Modem VL600
Samsung Convoy™
LG enV®3
LG Exalt™II
Samsung Gusto®
Arlo Go
Samsung Haven™
Cadence by Kyocera
Verizon GizmoTab™
Samsung Galaxy Tab®
Apple® iPad® mini
Samsung Galaxy Tab® (10.1)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Nokia Lumia Icon
BlackBerry® Bold 9650 smartphone
Sonim XP5
LG Optimus Zone™ 2 Prepaid
LG Migosm
Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 (10.1)
Samsung Galaxy S® III mini
Dell™ Vostro™ V13 Laptop
HTC One® (M8) for Windows®
Ellipsis® Kids
Spartan GoCam™
Samsung Illusion™
Lancet™ for Android™
Motorola Barrage™
Motorola MOTO™ W755
Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 (8.0)
BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630 smartphone
Apple® iPad®
LG VX8300
Motorola XOOM™ 4G LTE
LG Optimus Exceed™ 2
LG enV®2
iPad® mini 3
Samsung Galaxy Camera®
Verizon Wireless USB720 Modem
Samsung Alias™ 2
Transpyre™ Prepaid
Delphi Connect with 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot
Verizon Fivespot™ Global Ready™ 3G Mobile Hotspot
BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 smartphone without camera
Samsung Knack™
Pantech Hotshot™
Pantech Perception™
Samsung Galaxy Stellar™
Samsung Smooth™
LG VX5500
Apple® iPad® with Retina display
Verizon Wireless UMW190 Global USB Modem
Samsung Galaxy Tab® S
Pantech Breakout™
LG Cosmos™
LG Extravert™
Verizon Wireless AirCard® 595U USB Modem
Sony Xperia® Z2
Nokia Lumia 2520
Samsung Intensity™
Verizon Wireless UM175 USB Modem
BlackBerry® Storm2™ 9550 smartphone
HP Elite x2 1012
Samsung Gear S3 classic
Samsung Galaxy™ Stratosphere™ II
Casio G'zOne Boulder®
Watch Urbane™ 2nd Edition LTE
Enact™ by LG
LG Cosmos™ Touch
Samsung SCH-u340
Pantech Marauder™
Samsung Galaxy Note® 10.1
HTC One® max
Lucid™3 by LG
Samsung Galaxy Note® 10.1 2014 Edition
Samsung Alias™
Galaxy Nexus by Samsung
Google Nexus 7
HTC One® remix
LG VX5400
Samsung Galaxy™ Stratosphere™
Pantech Jest™ 2
Spectrum™ 2 by LG
Samsung Galaxy Note® Pro
Samsung Galaxy View
Intuition™ by LG
Casio G'zOne Rock™
Apple® iPad® with Wi-Fi and MiFi® 2200 Hotspot
Windows Phone 8X by HTC
Motorola W385
LG VX8360
ZTE Cymbal® LTE
Samsung Galaxy Tab® (7.7)
Verizon Wireless USB727 Modem
Samsung Fascinate™
BlackBerry® 8830 World Edition smartphone
Lucid™ by LG
Samsung Juke
BlackBerry® Curve™ 9330 smartphone
Verizon Wireless G'zOne Type-S
HTC Desire® 612
BlackBerry® Curve™ 8530 smartphone
Lucid™2 by LG
LG Chocolate®
Verizon Wireless UM150 USB Modem
LG Voyager™
Casio G'zOne Brigade®
Verizon Wireless PC5750 PC Card
Pantech Caper™ Prepaid
LG Optimus Zone™
Verizon Wireless CDM8950
LG VX8350
Motorola MOTO™ VU204
Motorola Adventure™ V750
LG VX5300
Samsung SCH-u410
Samsung ATIV Odyssey™
BlackBerry® Curve™ 9310 smartphone
Samsung Gear S2 classic
Samsung Galaxy Legend™
LG Chocolate® Touch
HTC Rhyme™
Verizon Wireless Razzle™
Samsung Reality™
HP Spectre x2
Moto X™ - Designed by You
Moto X™ - Designed by You (2nd Generation)
Samsung ATIV SE™
Delphi Connect
Verizon Wireless CDM8975
Pantech Crux™
Samsung SCH-a870
Samsung SCH-u430
Motorola W315
Samsung FlipShot®
BlackBerry Classic Non-Camera
Spectrum™ by LG
LG Dare™
Motorola MOTOKRZR K1m
Verizon Wireless Escapade®
LG VX6100
LG Ally™
Verizon Wireless G'zOne Type-S Push to Talk without Camera
Motorola V325
Samsung SCH-a670
Samsung SCH-u540
Verizon Wireless Coupe™
LG Clout™
LG VX3200
LG Enlighten®
Verizon Wireless V740 ExpressCard
Sierra Wireless AirCard® 555D
HP® Mini 1151NR Netbook
LG VX5200
Samsung Omnia® II
Verizon Wireless Salute™
Revolution™ by LG
LG enV®
Motorola E815
LG Chocolate® 3
Sierra Wireless AirCard® 580
LG VX8700
LG Optimus Exceed™
Motorola V60s
Motorola XOOM™
Nokia 6205
Luge™ by Motorola Prepaid
LG Versa™
Samsung SCH-a310
HTC Trophy™
Nokia 2705 Shade™ Non-Camera
Motorola RAZR V3m in Gray
Motorola MOTO™ Z6c World Edition
Verizon AD3700 Global USB Modem
HTC Rezound™
G'zOne Boulder™ Black and Silver
Casio G'zOne Ravine® 2 Non-Camera
Samsung Rogue™
Verizon Wireless USB1000 Global USB Modem
Motorola RAZR V3c
Motorola MOTO™ Z6cx World Edition without Camera
LG VX3300
Samsung SCH-a650
LG VX4500
BlackBerry® Curve™ 9370 smartphone
Samsung Zeal™
Gateway® LT2016u Netbook
Samsung SCH-a630
Samsung SCH-a950
Samsung Sway™
Verizon Wireless PC770 2-in-1 Card and ExpressCard®
Motorola V710
Samsung Glyde™
Motorola V325i
Motorola Rival™
Nokia 2285
LG VX4650
Samsung Continuum™
Nokia 6015i Prepaid
Samsung Trance™
Samsung SCH-a850
Nokia 2705 Shade™
Motorola Entice™
LG VX6000
HP® Mini 110-3098NR Netbook
Compaq® Mini CQ10-688nr Netbook
Samsung Gleam®
Samsung SCH-u550
HP® Mini 311-1037NR Netbook
LG Glance™
Nokia 3589i
Samsung Omnia®
Verizon Wireless PN-300
Motorola Rapture™ VU30
Verizon Converged VOIP Device
Samsung SCH-a930
Nokia 6215i
HTC Ozone™ with TALKS™ for Verizon Wireless
Samsung Renown™
Verizon Wireless U630 PC Card
Nokia 6315i
Samsung SCH-n330
HP® Mini 210-1076NR Netbook
Motorola V325xi
Verizon Wireless Blitz® Prepaid
Nokia 6236i
HTC Touch Pro™
Motorola V276
Verizon Wireless V620
Nokia 2128i
Verizon XU870 Global ExpressCard®
Motorola MOTORAZR maxx Ve
LG VX8100
Motorola MOTORIZR Z6tv
Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4
Toyota Connected Car
Motorola C333
Motorola V60p
Lexus Connected Car
ASUS ZenFone™ V
Kyocera KX414
Motorola C343
HP® Pavilion dm1-3010nr Notebook
HP® Pavilion dm1-2010nr Entertainment Notebook
Verizon Wireless Adamant™
ZTE Blade™ Vantage Prepaid
Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2 XL
LG V30®

# Features

# Features FAQs
Information about # functions or shortcuts from Verizon Wireless that make it easy to check your balance or usage and make payments over the phone.

411 Search

411 Search FAQs
Learn about calling 411 Search from your mobile phone to get phone numbers and other information about places of interest, like restaurants, movies and more.

Business Features

Field Force Manager FAQs
Learn about Field Force Manager, a service that helps you monitor and communicate with your workers in the field.
Good Mobile Messaging FAQs
Learn more about Good Mobile Messaging, an enterprise email solution helping your staff stay connected and productive while on the go.
Enterprise Messaging FAQs
Learn how your business can send out alerts, updates or campaigns by text message to Verizon Wireless customers.
Fleet Administrator FAQs
Learn more about the Fleet Administrator from Verizon Wireless, a tracking solution that allows you to locate, monitor and manage your fleet.
RemoSync FAQs
Learn more about RemoSync, providing corporate users mobile access to work email, contacts and calendars.
RemoSync Setup Instructions
Instructions for setting up RemoSync, which gives your mobile phone a direct connection to Microsoft Exchange Servers.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding FAQs
Learn about forwarding your mobile calls to another number, including how to do it, how much it costs and more.
How to Set Up Call Forwarding
Never miss a call. Watch this video to learn how to set up Call Forwarding directly from your device, or, through My Verizon.
Length: 1:59
Will call forwarding cost me additional minutes?
I want to start using the call forwarding option on my 2 phones, I just want to make 100% sure that I don't get charged for any  additional minutes while using the option on the unlimited talk plan. I don't like surprises!

Call Waiting

Call Waiting FAQs
Learn about the feature that lets you receive incoming calls while you're on another call on your mobile phone.

Caller ID

Caller ID and Caller ID Blocking FAQs
Learn about the features that let you see who is calling you and let you prevent your name from appearing on the phones of people you call.
Share Name ID FAQs
Learn about customizing the information that appears on other mobile phones when you call them, including how to change your Share Name ID.
Caller Name ID How to Use Guide
[How to Use Guide]
Caller Name ID gives you alerts on incoming spam calls and the ability to report and block numbers. Find out how in this guide.
How can I make my name show up when I make a call?
how can i make my name show up in the caller id when i make a call?

Carryover Data

Carryover Data FAQs
Learn about Carryover Data, a feature of the new Verizon Plan S-M-L sizes that lets you keep your unused data until the end of the following month.
How do I use my carryover data?
i have carryover but do not understand how I can get to it to use?
Will my data from June that rolled over into July roll over into August if not used?
Will my data from June that rolled over into July roll over into August if not used?

Insurance & Equipment Protection

Free mophie powerBOOST mini promotion FAQs
Learn how to get a free mophie powerBOOST mini when you sign up for Total Mobile Protection or Tech Coach. Limited time only, while supplies last, so don't wait


International Travel FAQs
Learn about using your device outside the US, international rates and how to add an international plan.
International Messaging FAQs
Learn about sending text, picture and video messages to other countries from the US on your mobile device.
International Long Distance FAQs
Learn about Verizon Wireless' International Long Distance rates, plans and how to call another country from the US.
Terms & Conditions - International Services (while traveling outside the U.S.)
[Important Consumer Information]
Verizon Wireless Terms & Conditions for International Services with information on wireless service while traveling outside the United States.
Terms & Conditions - International Long Distance
[Important Consumer Information]
Verizon Wireless Terms & Conditions for International Long Distance with information on setting up your account with International Services.
International Long Distance Value Plan - Terms & Conditions
[Important Consumer Information]
Terms & Conditions for the International Value Plan rates.
International Long Distance (I-Dial) - Terms & Conditions
[Important Consumer Information]
Terms & Conditions for International Long Distance (I-Dial) service with information about making international calls.
Can I View Travel Pass usage on the Verizon website?
I just returned from Europe and thought I'd double check the number of days that Verizon thinks I used Travel Pass.  Am I just blind or is there no way to see this on the Verizon website?  I tried "My Usage" -> "View Usage" -> "View International Usage" - no dice.
Can I make WiFi calls back to US without incurring daily Travel Pass charges?
Can I make wifi calls back to US without incurring daily TravelPass charge?  Will incoming texts or unanswered phone calls generate a TravelPass charge for usage for the day? Thanks
Can I sign up for two different International plans?
i'm given the choice of either $10 a day for unlimited use, which would amount to $110 for my trip, or the $40 for a month with a 100 mb limit on data. If I exhaust the 100 mb limit on the monthly plan, can i then sign up for the $10 a day plan, or am I obligated to stay with the monthly plan and pay...
Do I need to activate Travel Pass?
Do i need to activate Travelpass when i travel to Denmark, Norway, France and Italy from tomorrow?
Do I need to change my plan to get service in Alaska?
what service upgrades, if any, are need for service while visiting in alaska
Does my plan include calls to/from Canada?
I have the "THE NEW VERIZON PLAN SMALL 2GB" plan.  Does it include calls to and from Canada? And is Canada CDMA or GSM?
Does unlimited data work internationally?
Does unlimited data plan work internationally
Does verizon have service in China?
Does Verizon have service in China?
How can I get Service in the Bahamas?
What is the most economical way to have voice and text service in the Bahamas. E-Mail would be good too but not as important. Minimal service, possibly even a couple of days out of a 2 week period.
How can I use my phone in seoul south korea?
Anybody use their phone in South Korea?
How do I activate my international plan?
I was informed I could activate my mexico calling plan from "my Verizon" acct?How?
How do I add multiple devices to an international plan?
How do I add all 4 of my cell phones to my travel plan?
How do I call a European-based cell phone from the U.S?
  How do you dial a European cell phone that is located in the US from a US-based cellular service
How do I listen to voicemail internationally?
In Scotland.  American phone.  Phone is not ringing but getting texts but No voicemail yet  thx
How do I place an international call to Bangladesh?
I want to place an International call while located within the United States. When I refer to the International Long Distance search page for dialing instructions and rates, I get a server error. Can anyone help me call a number in Bangladesh?
How does TravelPass work?
Would it be possible to explain the ins and outs of using this service. I am in a Travel Pass country and have turned it on on the Verizon Website. Main questions all assume data is turned OFF. 1: I have data turned off but emails are coming in.  Does this trigger daily charge?2: If...
If I am in the U.S. but receiving texts from Europe, will I be charged extra?
My son is in California, and his gf is texting him from Spain. I cannot find anywhere in the current billing/ usage that shows whether he's being charged to receive these texts. I can only find past bills, and current data/ phone usage. But no indication if he's being charged for these current texts....
Is there an extra charge to make calls to Canada?
If I am in the U.S. is there a charge to make calls to or receive calls from Canada?
Terms & Conditions - Prepaid International Long Distance
[Important Consumer Information]
Verizon Wireless Terms & Conditions for Prepaid International long distance.
What is the best plan for traveling in Europe?
I am going to Italy , Slovenia, Austria and Hungary for almost three weeks.I need a plan so I can call back to the states .  Need an international plan that covers calls from Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary for a 3 week period beginning June 9, 2017.
Why can't I call the U.S. from Canada?
Added Canada voice/data plan for all r 3 devices, could call from US to Canada, but cannot make calls in Canada, to Canadian numbers or US numbers.
Why couldn't I access data in Mexico?
I just got back from a 1-week trip to Mexico. When I landed I got a text from Verizon stating: Free VZW Message: Welcome to Mexico. Your Talk, Text and Data while in Mexico is included in your Domestic plan. My phone and text was working. But my internet was not. While at the airport, I signed...
Why don't I have service in Canada?
I have the Mexico/Canada Unlimited plan ($2 per day per device), but keep getting "no service" on my iPad or iPhone, both of which are on the plan. Very frustrating!
Will I be charged more for data if I use my GPS in Canada?
Planning a trip to Canada. Will I be charged more for data if navigating
Will I have coverage in Puerto Rico?
Do I have coverage in Puerto rico?
Will there be different Travel Pass charges when texting from Android to iPhone?
I'm using travel pass and have an iPhone. When someone with an android back in the States texts me, will they be charged any differently since I'm in a foreign country?
Will we be able to use our devices in China?
Two of us have iPhone 5s and one has a Google Pixel. We want to buy Chinese SIM cards when we arrive for local minutes/data and not use our a Verizon add-on plan.  Can anyone see any problems we might run into, other than Google being blocked in China? We'll be happy to get at least the two iPhones...

Managing Products & Apps

Managing Products & Apps FAQs
Learn how to add and change features on your mobile devices with Verizon's add-on services.
How to Change Features
Watch this video and follow the simple steps to change the features on your account with My Verizon.
Length: 1:21

Media Center / Get it Now

My Media Retrieval FAQs
Learn about about My Media Retrieval for retrieving content through our Media Store.
Media Center FAQs
Frequently asked questions about Media Center (formerly Get It Now) for basic phones.
Get It Now® - Terms & Conditions
[Important Consumer Information]
Verizon Wireless Terms & Conditions for the Get it Now service.

Push to Talk

Push to Talk Plus (PTT+) FAQs
Push to Talk Plus (PTT+) provides walkie-talkie style instant communication on our 4G LTE network or Wi-Fi. Connect to an individual or group by pushing a button.
Push To Talk FAQs
Learn about the Push to Talk feature that allows you to use your phone like a walkie-talkie.
Push to Talk Only FAQs
Learn about Push to Talk Only plans and phones, which let you use your phone like a walkie-talkie to instantly connect with a contact.
Is the push to talk charge $5 per person or account?
is it 5 dollars per phone or 5 per account

Ringtones & Ringback Tones

Verizon Tones: Ringtones and Ringback Tones FAQs
Learn about customizing the ringtones you hear when your phone rings and Ringback Tones others hear when they call your phone.
Ring Tones & Ringback Tones - Terms & Conditions
[Important Consumer Information]
Verizon Wireless Terms & Conditions for Ringtones and Ringback Tones Service.
Why isn't the ringtone I want downloading?
I bought a ringtone & it wouldn't said go to my music inbox & download. ..stumped

Safety Mode

Safety Mode FAQs - Use Safety Mode to Help Avoid Data Overage Fees
Safety Mode lets you continue using data at reduced speeds after your data allowance is used up for the month. Available on the New Verizon Plan S-M-L data sizes
When FamilyBase data limits are met, do data speed change to 3G?
I have family base and safety mode enabled. My child is limited to 4.5GB a month data. When he uses that all up, will he switch to 3G or will he just be without data?

Tech Coach

Verizon Tech Coach FAQs
Learn about Tech Coach, a technical support service for your mobile device and almost anything that connects to it.
Tech Coach - Terms & Conditions
[Important Consumer Information]
Verizon Wireless Terms & Conditions for the Tech Coach service.

Text & Multimedia Messaging

Verizon Messages (Message+) FAQs
Sync messages across multiple devices, send picture & video messages, make domestic or international calls on a tablet over Wi-Fi or cellular, send gift cards.
International Messaging FAQs
Learn about sending text, picture and video messages to other countries from the US on your mobile device.
How to Use Guide: Verizon Messages (Message+)
[How to Use Guide]
This guide shows you how to use Verizon Messages, an enhanced messaging app that lets you hold text conversations across devices and more.
Text Messaging FAQs
Learn to send and receive text messages, how to store your texts and block unwanted texts, and how you are charged for texts by plan.
Multimedia Messaging FAQs
Learn about picture and video messaging, group messaging and more, including how to do it and how much it costs.
Text to Landline FAQs
Learn about sending a text message to a non-mobile phone, including how much it costs and how the recipient will get the message.
Explore Verizon Messages
Watch this video to learn how to use some of the great features in Verizon Messages.
Length: 2:46
Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Messaging Bundle - Terms & Conditions
[Important Consumer Information]
Terms & Conditions for the Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Messaging Bundle.
Can I hide the number I am texting so it wont appear in the usage logs?
Is there a way to hide number i am receiving texts from so the number wont be re revealed in the usage log
Can I view text messages from another device on my plan?
I'm trying to veiw text messages from another device on my plan without looking through their phone, is there a way that i can do that?
Do emojis count as mms messages?
Hello, when using emojis is that considered an mms message? Also is group messaging mms? Thank-you
How do you send a text message from a blocked number?
how do you send a text message from a blocked number?
Is it free to send a text to the UK?
I was wondering if text messagine is free to England, UK....Would anyone know ?
Is it possible to retract a sent text message?
Is there any way to retract or delete a text message sent from (Verizon Messaging) the intended receivers inbox/text messaging if the message was not opened?

Verizon Family Safeguards & Controls

FamilyBase FAQs
Sign up for FamilyBase. Set parental controls. Put limits on data usage, block contacts and monitor activity of all account lines. Avoid unexpected overages.
Blocks FAQs
Learn about blocking and unblocking services in My Verizon, including messaging, purchasing and marketing services.
Usage Controls FAQs
Learn how to use Usage Controls. Verizon FamilyBase™ is replacing this service but existing Usage Controls customers can continue with the service.
How to Add Blocks
Find out how to block unwanted calls, messages, emails and services on your account.
Length: 2:53
Roadside Assistance FAQs
Learn about the Roadside Assistance service available from Verizon Wireless.
Content Filtering FAQs
Learn about our Content Filtering service that provides free age-appropriate filters that can be changed at any time.
Verizon Safeguards & Controls
[General Information]
Find information for all Verizon Safeguards & Controls products and services, which provide security for you and all the devices on your account.
Compare Blocking Services
[General Information]
Compare services that can help you limit usage and prevent spam on your devices. Restrict data, block numbers, prevent purchases and more.

Verizon Family Safeguards and Controls

Can I add FamilyLocater and FamilyBase without the other lines on my account knowing?
I am interested in adding FamilyLocater and Base to my account and I do not want the other lines associated with my account to know that these safeguards have been added. Can this be done?
Can I add family locator without my kids being aware?
As a parent, can I add family locator without my kids/phones being aware?  Can they block on their end afterwards?
Can I assign data amounts to specific devices on my account?
Anyone know how to set the family plan up to assign data amounts for specific phones on the account?  The Verizon salesman told me I could set up on app or website but firgot how he said to do it.  Thank you!!
Can I block spam calls from a specific country?
I'm trying to find a way to block unwanted spam from a particular country, the Netherlands (nl) does anyone no how?
Can I install the FamilyBase app on a device that is not on my plan?
Does the FamilyBase App have to be installed on a phone that is on the same account or can I install it on my work phone and still be able to use the FamilyBase controls?
Can I limit my daughter's data usage?
I would like to have data turned off when the limit is reached on my daughters phone. Is that possible?
Can I remotely remove apps on my daughter's phone without her knowing?
How can I remotely on my phone remove and manage apps on her phone without her knowing?
Can I still set data limits with an unlimited plan?
I want my kids off the internet but we now have an unlimited plan. I used to do it with family base. Can I still turn off their data through family base?
Can I view a list of blocked calls?
Where can I view calls that were blocked on my sons phone line. I have one watch list contact on his phone line. And would like to know if they have called or texted him. Or if he has called or texted that phone number within the last month. Please help asap...
Can we set a data usage limit on one of our phones?
one of our daughters like to run up our data plan. Is there away to set her phone at a certain percentage of allowed data usage and if she runs out then she runs out?
Do time restrictions stop Snapchats?
Do time restrictions affect snap chat and other activity or just iMessage? I want the ability to restrict usage entirely at certain times. Except for trusted numbers.
Does it cost money to set data limits?
Does it cost to set up data allowance?? I would like to set up each line for how much of the shared data they can use before it cuts off.
How do I block unknown callers?
Have gotten 2 middle of the night calls. Caller ID says "unknown". How do I block this?
How do I get FamilyBase e-mails with activity details?
Recently, my family base daily emails started to arrive without the details on the activity. Meaning they do not contain the name of the phone that they represent or the numbers or names of the contacts that were involved.  Before they always stated  Mary or John's phone and the names of the...
How do I monitor texts messages on another device?
I have a little sister 15 years old and she leaves with me,I need to monitor her texts massages without having her phone with me.shes now my supervision since our parents both passed
How do I set data limits per line?
How do I set data limits per line on my account?
How do I stop data usage?
How do you stop data usage and limit someone to just talk or txt
How do I turn off FamilyBase email notifications?
I get a daily email.  Then follow the link to turn off and it goes nowhere. How do I find edit notifications in family base to stop getting this daily email?
Is there a way to limit internet access on a Gizmo Tab when it is connected to wi-fi?
Is there a way to limit internet access on a Gizmo Tab to when it is wifi connected?
When FamilyBase data limits are met, do data speed change to 3G?
I have family base and safety mode enabled. My child is limited to 4.5GB a month data. When he uses that all up, will he switch to 3G or will he just be without data?
Will adding a contact to FamilyBase impact my device's contact list?
If I add a name to a number in family base contact list, does it change in the phones contact list?
Will the person I am trying to locate get a text from Family Locator?
will the family member being located be alerted?


Voicemail Instructions
[How to Use Guide]
If your location is listed below, please follow these voicemail instructions or print the mini service wallet card to carry with you.
$2.99 Visual Voicemail Service Will Be Discontinued on July 8th, 2016
[General Information]
Find out about the $2.99 Visual Voicemail discontinuation, what steps to take and how to set up your voicemail.
Can I bypass the new voice mail update?
Verizon updated my voice mail and now it takes so long to hear my messages.  Before the update, Verizon voicemail would tell me how many new messages there were.  Now, it tells me # of new messages, and for each message, it spells out the number, the time called and length of each message. I...
How do I change the voice ail password on one of my devices?
I need to change the voicemail password on one of my lines but can't figure our to do that
How do I listen to voicemail internationally?
In Scotland.  American phone.  Phone is not ringing but getting texts but No voicemail yet  thx
Why can't I connect to Visual Voicemail?
I don't have visual voicemail, but i continually get a notification "cannot connect to visual voicemail" this is annoying and I'd like to stop the notification
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