Verizon Jetpack® FAQs

General Information

  1. What is a Verizon Jetpack?

    The Jetpack is a portable mobile hotspot device that lets you share your Verizon Wireless network connection with multiple devices. Other devices connect to your Jetpack using their Wi-Fi feature. While they’re connected you'll be charged for any data they use per your monthly data plan.

    You can connect multiple devices at a time such as tablets, smartphones, notebooks, netbooks, cameras and gaming devices. It's perfect for traveling in the car with your family or commuting on a bus or train.

  2. How much does a Jetpack cost?

    Jetpack devices range in price and can be added to many plans, including:

    For the new Verizon Plan, The Verizon Plan, Connected Device plans and The MORE Everything Plan, you'll have 2 charges: a line access charge for the device and a data plan. If you already have one of those plans, you can simply add the Jetpack to the account and select a higher data plan if you'd like.

    Note: If you have Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited or Above Unlimited for your phone, you can add a Jetpack to your account with a compatible connected device plan.

    View our Jetpack devices in our online store.

  3. Can I purchase a Jetpack online?

    You can buy a Jetpack on our online Shop page.

  4. What do I need to use a Jetpack?

    Besides the Jetpack, you'll also need the following to use it:


    • An eligible plan to activate the Jetpack on
    • A strong connection to our network
    • The wall outlet charging cord that comes with the Jetpack to use when its battery needs to be recharged
    • USB Cable Mode* - The microUSB cable that came with the Jetpack and a compatible device to connect it to

    *Not available on all Jetpack devices.

  5. Why would I want to use a Jetpack as a Mobile Hotspot instead of my smartphone or tablet?

    There are several reasons you should consider using a Jetpack as a Mobile Hotspot instead of your smartphone or tablet:

    • Battery life - A Jetpack has its own battery so it won't drain the battery on your smartphone or tablet.

    • Flexibility - If you're sharing your network connection with others, you can leave it behind for them to continue using instead of your smartphone or tablet.

    • Calls - Only smartphones with HD Voice can use data and make calls simultaneously. With a Jetpack, you'll be able to talk and use data at the same time.

    • Privacy - If your smartphone is being used as a Mobile Hotspot you have to stay within 30 feet of the devices connected to it, but if you're using a Jetpack as a Mobile Hotspot that doesn't matter.
  6. How is the Jetpack different from USB modems, PC Cards and ExpressCards?

    The Jetpack provides wireless Internet connection to multiple devices at once. You can connect all kinds of devices to a Jetpack, including smartphones, tablets, wearables and more. USB modems, PC Cards and ExpressCards are only for notebook computers, they require a physical connection and work with only one notebook a time.

  7. How is the Jetpack different from a home Wi-Fi router?

    A Jetpack is portable and shares your Verizon Wireless network connection with other devices. Your home Wi-Fi router stays in one place and shares your home broadband Internet connection with other devices. Our available Jetpack devices can operate as both a USB Modem* (with a USB Cable) or as a mobile hotspot, eliminating the need for a wired connection or power outlet connection.

    *Not available on all Jetpack devices.

  8. Can I use the Jetpack for memory storage?

    No, the Jetpack doesn't support memory storage.

  9. How can I connect my Jetpack to my Internet ready device?

    There are two different operating modes for the Jetpack:

    • USB Cable Mode - Use a microUSB cable to connect your notebook or other computing device with a Type A USB port to the Jetpack for Mobile Broadband access. A USB cable connection between the Jetpack and computer disables Wi-Fi capability. When plugged into a wall outlet or vehicle power charger, the device will automatically set to Wi-Fi mode.

    • Wi-Fi Mode - Connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices without the need for a USB or other wired connection. Just turn on the Jetpack and it'll connect to our network.
  10. How can I check the monthly data usage of my Jetpack?

    You can see your Jetpack data usage anytime in My Verizon:

    1. Go to the My Bill page in My Verizon.
    2. Click the Data tab.
    3. From the Details For dropdown, select the device you want to view usage details for.
    4. From the Usage Type dropdown, click Connect / Hotspot.

    Your Mobile Hotspot data usage will display.

    If you’re concerned about data overages, consider using Safety Mode on the new Verizon Plan.

  11. When do I need to use the USB cable with my Jetpack?

    The USB cable is required when the Jetpack is used as a USB modem.* The cable can be used to connect after activation if the Jetpack is out of battery power and there's no access to a wall outlet.

    *Not available on all Jetpack devices.

  12. How do I connect to the Jetpack with the USB cable?

    When the Jetpack is connected to a computer using the microUSB cable,* Wi-Fi is disabled, only allowing use with one device. Using the Jetpack as a modem provides more security than sending data over a Wi-Fi connection. Make sure you fully extend the cable so that it’s a minimum of 8 inches from the computer.

    To connect a device to your Jetpack with the USB cable:

    1. Insert the USB cable in the appropriate jack of the Jetpack.
    2. The power LED light turns on.

    See the Quick Reference Guide that came in the box and User Guide stored on the device’s memory for additional details.

    *Not available on all Jetpack devices.

  13. How do I connect my device to the Jetpack using its Wi-Fi signal?

    To connect a device to the Jetpack:

    1. Press the Power button on the Jetpack.
    2. Once the Jetpack has been activated, it automatically connects to the Internet over the Verizon Wireless network.
    3. On the device you want to connect to the Jetpack, go to its Settings menu to establish a Wi-Fi connection to the Jetpack.

    For further information on how to use your Wi-Fi enabled device's Wi-Fi connection manager, refer to the device's user guide or contact the manufacturer.

  14. How can I modify the settings on my Jetpack?

    To modify to the settings for your Jetpack:

    1. Establish a Wi-Fi connection to the Jetpack with another device.
    2. Open your Web Browser.
    3. In the Address or Search field, enter the address of the Jetpack (http://my.jetpack).
    4. The Welcome Page appears. The Login field is on the top right of the screen. Login requires only a password - there is no login name. Use the case-sensitive default password: admin
    5. Once signed in, modify the settings as you wish.

    Note: You can't access the settings page using USB Mode; only through a Wi-Fi connection.

  15. What kind of security is available for my Jetpack?

    The Jetpack supports all the latest WEP/WPA/WPA-2 security and NAT firewall protocols. It's recommended that you set up security to prevent unauthorized use. Learn how to access the Jetpack settings.

  16. Is my Jetpack password-protected when in Wi-Fi mode?

    Yes. By default, your device has a password that must be entered in order to connect to it through Wi-Fi. Your Wi-Fi enabled device will prompt you to enter the password when you attempt to connect to the Jetpack. The password can be found on the Connect Information card included in the box. The password is also available in the device's display menu.

  17. What if I changed my Jetpack password from the default one and forgot it?

    The Jetpack can be reset by performing the following instructions:

    1. Turn on the Jetpack while not plugged into AC power or tethered to a notebook.

    2. Insert a paperclip into the small hole on the back of Jetpack under the battery cover and hold it for at least 5 seconds.

    3. LEDs will turn off and on twice to indicate reset is successful. The device will be reset to the default password printed on the Connect Information card included in the box and label on the bottom of the device.

      • Please review the Connect Information card that was included in the box for security details.

      • Some Jetpack devices require you to sign in to the admin website to factory reset the device.