Verizon Referral Rewards Program FAQs

This page explains our tiered rewards program and how it works, who's eligible for it, how to get your rewards and where to go for more information.

Top Questions

  1. What is the Verizon Referral Rewards Program?

    Verizon Wireless Referral Rewards is a tiered rewards program that offers current Verizon Wireless customers up to $200 per month in Visa® Gift Cards for referring up to 3 new customers in a calendar month that activate.

  2. What are the reward tiers?

    If you refer 1 person who activates a new Verizon Wireless account, you get a $50 Visa Gift Card.

    Refer 2 new accounts in a calendar month that activate, you get a $100 Visa Gift Card.

    For 3 or more new account referrals in a calendar month that activate, you get a $200 Visa Gift Card.

  3. Who is eligible for the program?

    Referral reward debit cards are only available for new accounts on a standard monthly plan and not receiving any monthly access discounts. The accounts must be activated within 30 days of receiving referral and remain active and in good standing for at least 45 days. Verizon employees and affiliates aren't eligible for this program.

    New customers must activate a standard monthly account on the new Verizon Plan.

  4. How does the program work?

    We've created an easy tool for you to post this offer by email, text, Facebook® or Twitter®.

    1. Go to the referral website.
    2. Sign in to My Verizon.
    3. Choose your referral option (email, text. Facebook or Twitter).
    4. Add a personal message.
    5. Post the offer.

    You can post the offer as many times as you like.

    Your friends will need to click on the offer and then enter their email address when prompted. After that, if they use the same email address when activating a new account within 30 days, online, in a store, or over the phone, you'll both get rewards after the new account has been active for 45 days.

  5. How will I know when I've had a successful referral?

    Once a potential referral has activated service, you and your friend will get an email to confirm that the referral has been completed and that a reward will be processed after the new account has been active and in good standing for 45 days.

  6. How will I get my rewards?

    Once the new account has been active and in good standing for 45 days, we'll mail the new customer a $50 Visa Gift Card.

    We'll mail a Visa Gift Card to the referrer. The amount depends on how many referrals were activated in one month (maximum of 3 referrals, $200/month).

    Visa Gift Cards will arrive 4-6 weeks after the accounts have been verified.

  7. Do I get a referral reward for every line activated on the new account?

    No. One referral reward is given for each new account created.

  8. How many referral rewards can I get per month?

    There's a limit of 3 referrals each calendar month, with a maximum reward of $200.

  9. I referred 3 people who activated new accounts in the last 30 days, but I didn't get a $200 referral reward yet. Why is that?

    Make sure that all 3 activated new accounts in the same calendar month. Referral activations and rewards are counted on the last day of the calendar month, and then paid accordingly.

    Some other issues that could prevent the payment of a referral reward:

    • The referral didn't activate their service within 30 days of clicking on the offer
    • The account hasn't been active and in good standing for the required 45 days
    • The referral didn't use the email address they registered with when activating, or may not otherwise be eligible
  10. Can I come with my friend to the Verizon store and enter my referral at the same time they sign up for Verizon?

    In order to receive a referral reward, you must post the offer through our website and the prospective customer must click on it and enter their preferred email to register for the reward. You can do it right in the store while you wait. Just make sure your friend uses the same email address to create their new account.

  11. I have a friend who had Verizon before and left, can I get a referral reward for getting them back?

    Absolutely. It's the same process.

  12. Can I refer friends and family from Verizon prepaid?

    Yes, as long as they open a new standard monthly account.

  13. How do I know if my Visa Gift Card has been sent?

    You and your friend will get an email confirming the new activation and completion of the referral process. You'll also receive another email from Citi® once the payment has been processed.

  14. How long will it take to get my Visa Gift Card?

    Delivery will take 4-6 weeks by mail.

  15. What do I do when I receive my Visa Gift Card?

    A sticker will be affixed to new referral reward cards instructing customers to call (866) 598-3477 to activate the card.

    Note: 10-digit MTN associated with referral, 16-digit card number and ZIP code required for activation.

  16. What If I have questions about my Visa Gift Card?

    Please call or email Citi:

  17. Cards are issued by Citibank, N.A. pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and managed by Citi® Prepaid Services. This card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.