How to view your latest billing statement

Choose the topics below to learn about your latest billing statement, to understand your bill, and to view your data usage.

View Billing Statement

    My Verizon app or online

    You can view your bill through the My Verizon App or online in My Verizon:

    • The My Verizon app: Tap the Menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, then tap Bill.
    • Online in My Verizon: Go to the View Bill page in My Verizon using the web browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Understand Bill and Usage

    Understand Your Bill and View Your Usage

    Learn about the different parts of your bill and where to find the information you need. If you're looking for your monthly usage, your bill provides details about your data, voice and text usage. You can see the total data, text and messages for your account or a breakdown of usage by each line. You can even find detailed usage logs for each line.

    Video: Understanding Your Online Bill