Wireless Charging FAQs

General Information

  1. What is wireless charging?

    Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, is a way to charge your smartphone, accessory or other compatible device by placing it on a wireless charging device. It eliminates the need for charging cables. 

    Wireless charging works on devices that have built-in wireless charging technology (e.g., Qi), such as:

    • Droid Turbo by Motorola
    • Nokia Lumia Icon
    • LG G2
    • Windows Phone 8X by HTC

    It also works with other devices but requires an additional element, like a different back cover, special card or receiver. Some of these devices include:

    • Samsung Galaxy S® 5
    • Samsung Galaxy S 4
    • Samsung Galaxy S III
    • HTC One® series
    • Nokia Lumia 822

    To find out if a specific device supports wireless charging, you can check the device's User Guide.

    Note: All Verizon Wireless devices that are capable of being charged wirelessly are compatible with Qi wireless charging devices.

  2. How does wireless charging work?

    Wireless charging is based on a few simple principles. The technology requires two coils: a receiver coil embedded in the device and a transmitter coil in the wireless charging device. An alternating current is passed through the transmitter coil, generating a magnetic field. This in turn induces a voltage in the receiver coil that powers a mobile device or charges a battery.

  3. How can wireless charging help me?

    Wireless charging has many benefits:

    • Easy to use - Charge up your battery by placing your smartphone on a Qi wireless charging device. It's that simple!
    • Eliminates clutter - Charge your device without wires that can get tangled and confusing.
    • Globally adopted - Many devices in the global market support Qi wireless charging. This global ecosystem will grow as more and more devices and consumer electronics incorporate wireless charging.
    • One place to charge all your devices - As Qi wireless technology gets integrated into more devices, you won't need to have different power cords or adaptors for each device you own. Your Qi wireless charging device is fully compatible with all Qi products, including:

      • Smartphones
      • Tablets
      • Bluetooth® devices
      • Cameras
      • Portable power packs

    Note: Not all devices are equipped with Qi wireless charging technology yet. Make sure the device you get has Qi if you want to charge it wirelessly.

  4. If my device is able to charge wirelessly, can I still use a cable / wire to charge it?

    Yes, you can still use a cable to charge a device that's compatible with wireless charging.

  5. When I'm using a wireless charging pad, how do I know if my device is charging?

    There should be a notification or indicator on your phone to let you know it's charging. If a notification doesn't pop up, check the battery symbol at the top of the device's screen to see if it indicates that it's charging.

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