Wireless Home Phone - Terms & Conditions



Since the Device is designed to operate only in an indoor environment, please be prepared to provide your location inside the premises to public safety personnel during any calls to 911. The GPS chipset embedded in the Device will work best if the Device is located near a window or other opening.

While the Device does have a backup battery, if the landline phone to which the Device is connected requires external electric power to operate, Service (including the ability to make and receive 911 calls) will not be available during a power outage.

Neither Verizon Wireless nor any of its affiliates shall be liable for any service outage and/or inability to access emergency service personnel, nor shall Verizon Wireless or any of its affiliates be responsible for the acts or omissions of emergency response center personnel.

For additional technical information on how 911 functions with the Device, please see the PRODUCT SAFETY AND WARRANTY INFORMATION booklet that you received with your Device.


While the Verizon Wireless coverage map at https://www.verizonwireless.com/featured/better-matters/ may provide some indication of the expected coverage at your location, you will need to assess whether the actual coverage at your location is acceptable to you for purposes of using the Wireless Home Phone Service. You will need at least moderate Verizon Wireless coverage throughout your home to properly use the Service. The Wireless Home Phone device is designed to provide coverage at your location that is consistent with other Verizon Wireless devices, but Verizon Wireless does not represent that Wireless Home Phone service will be equivalent to landline phone service.

The Wireless Home Phone Adaptor may not be compatible with certain home security systems. Please check with your home security system provider to confirm the compatibility requirements of your home security system.

If the Wireless Home Phone Adaptor is connected to a cordless phone base station, any extension phones compatible with that base station can also use the Service, but the only corded telephones that can use the Service are those that are connected directly to the Wireless Home Phone Adaptor.

Wireless Home Phone Service is solely a wireless voice service. Data services typically available on handheld wireless phones or other wireless devices are not available through the Wireless Home Phone Service.  Wireless Home Phone is not compatible with  fax machines, DVR services, credit card machines, medical alert services or some High Speed or DSL Internet services.  Please contact your service provider to determine if Internet service is available as a standalone offering.

The Service is not designed to function through a direct connection between the Device and a landline telephone wall jack.  The Device must be connected to cordless or corded telephone hardware, as described in the Wireless Home Phone User Guide.  Never place a USB-based device into the USB port of the Wireless Home Phone under any circumstances. Doing so may damage the device and negate its warranty. The USB port is designed for diagnostic purposes only, and is not intended for customer use.

The Service cannot be used to make 500, 700, 900, 976, 0+ collect, operator assisted, or dial around calls (e.g., 1010-XXXX). 

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