Account Videos | Understanding Account Roles & How To Assign Them

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Get an overview of the different account roles within My Verizon. Learn how to assign an Account Manager to help manage your account.

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We can all use a little help now and again, and with Verizon you can delegate management of all the lines on your account: online, in retail stores, and when calling Customer Care.  And because there are three account level roles within My Verizon – account owner, manager and member - you can get the help you need without giving others full access to personal and financial information or key account functions.   Let’s walk through the differences...

As an account owner, you're responsible for payments on your personal account.  As the person financially responsible for the account, you have certain activities that are reserved for you.  These include the ability to view billing details, upgrade your phone, change your calling plan and features, add a new line of service, operate parental controls and manage friends and family.

We understand that you may want some help managing these items, so to solve that, you can assign an Account Manager with the ability to manage all lines on the account - online, in retail stores, and by calling Customer Care.  They can perform the same actions as the Account Owner, with the exception of Adding, Changing or Deleting the Billing Password, or adding/changing or deleting Account Managers. They can also do things like purchase ring tones, manage photos from your phone, send messages and backup your contacts. 

Lastly, there are Account Members, who are not responsible for payments on your personal account but who have the ability to make a payment towards the account balance.  Depending on the Verizon Wireless plan, account members may also be able to check voice, text and data usage.  Each account will only have one Account Owner. This person is designated when you register for My Verizon and you will be prompted during the registration process to make this designation. Once the account owner is assigned, any other line on the account will then automatically become an account member when they register    If you would like to give an account member more access, as we have just described, be sure to assign that line as an Account Manager.  You can assign up to 3 Account Managers. These Account Managers do not have to have a phone line on the account. 

Here’s how to do this...  Go to and sign in to My Verizon or, if you’re already signed in, select “Assign Account Manager” from the Account Overview page.  From here you can add or remove an Account Manager. Remember you can only have three active at any one time.  If you do not currently have a billing password on your account, you will be prompted to set one up. Your Account Managers will need this password to manage your account.  Enter the First and Last name of the person you would like to give access.  If they have a phone line on your account, select it here, otherwise, select “Not Applicable”.  Next enter their Email Address, and click “Add”.  Review the Terms & Conditions for adding an Account Manager, then click “Submit”.  It’s that easy to give the access to get the extra help you need.