HTC | One - HTC Zoe and Share

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HTC Zoe lets you take a three second video and series of photos together. Watch this video to learn how to use Zoe on your HTC One to create a living photo, then send it to others through HTC Share.

Show Transcript

Make your memories come to life with HTC Zoe.

With HTC Zoe, the camera automatically takes a series of photos and a 3-second video giving you that living photo of the moment.

In Camera, tap here to turn Zoe on.

When ready, tap the shutter, and the camera will continue to capture for 3 more seconds.

There you go, you’ve captured a “living” photo.

If you look closely, you’ll notice a white dot on the bar. This is the frame captured when you tapped the shutter button.

The frames to the left are the ones that were captured even before you tapped the shutter button, pretty neat huh?

If you want, you can share a frame as a photo. Just slide to the frame, and hit Share.

Now, let’s share the living photo and other photos using HTC Share. 

Choose the photos to include … add a title and description, and then share it.

Your friends and family can then follow the link to experience the moment with you.

With HTC Zoe, your gallery is filled with memories that come alive.



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