Kyocera | Kyocera Hyrdo Elite

Length: 1:07


This video will showcase the features and benefits of the Kyocera Hydro Elite, available from Verizon Wireless.

Show Transcript

I'm Bear Grylls, explorer, survivor, and father of three boys, and I've got one thing here I think many of us can use. Hydro Elite: a sleek 4G LTE android smartphone thatÍs totally waterproof and ready for the unexpected. Because who doesnÍt love the water. Hydro has front and rear facing camera and video and a wall to wall screen to watch all the action.  It's even got smart sonic receiver technology that helps you hear clearly in more places than ever before. But don't let it's good looks fool you. Hydro Elite, the waterproof 4G LTE android smartphone that's ready for the unexpected.