LG | Enact™ by LG

Length: 1:38


This video will describe the features of the new LG Enact, available from Verizon Wireless.

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This is the Enact by LG, a smartphone made simple. Jump right into seamless communication with dual modes. Including an easy to use starter mode and standard mode for experienced users. Type your thoughts without delay just slide open the QWERTY keyboard from the home screen and instantly launch quality communicator. Then save, share, or send with just a single tap, access the keyboard when you need it, then slide it conveniently out of your way. Receive messages with a pop up window that doesnÕt stop the action on your screen. Then reply directly from the touch screen, or slide out the QWERTY keyboard to access pc like performance and shortcuts that you get your message out fast.  Keep your apps running with Q Slide 2.0 . Open up the two additional app windows on your screen and adjust the size and transparency while your existing app runs in the background. Stay powered up all day long with powerful battery performance that wonÕt weigh you down. Capture meaningful moments on your screen. Use your fingertip to add comments and drawings with quick memo and boast effortlessly to friends and family via text, email or your social networks. A powerful and easy to use smartphone. The Enact, by LG. Backed by the speed of VerizonÕs 4G LTE. Available from Verizon Wireless.