Services Videos | How to Block Calls & Messages

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Find out how to block unwanted calls and messages. You can block up to 10 phone numbers for each line on your account with no charge with My Verizon.

Show Transcript

Tired of annoying sales calls or wrong numbers?  Do you need to block calls and messages, but you’re not subscribed to “FamilyBase?”  No problem!  Verizon Wireless gives you the ability to set up blocks for up to 10 phone numbers with no charge. Simply go to and Sign in to your My Verizon account, or you can select “Block Calls & Messages from the Account Overview page within My Verizon.

  • From the Call & Message Blocking page, you will select the line that you wish to manage.
  • Then you will simply enter the phone numbers you wish to block.
    • The numbers that you enter will be unable to contact you via text messaging, video messaging, picture messaging or by phone for 90 days
  • To permanently block numbers, you’ll want to subscribe to “FamilyBase”.
  • Now if you’re wanting to remove a blocked number, simply delete the number and click submit.
  • If you would like your entries to apply to all eligible lines on the account, click the check box below.
  • When you’re finished, click “Submit”
  • For any line that is subscribed to “FamilyBase” you’ll need to manage all Voice & Message blocking through the dashboard.
  • Watch the “How Do I Set Up FamilyBase” video to see how.