Get the most from your mobile when you travel

Travel smart and stay connected. Here’s some useful tips to help you stay connected and get the most from your mobile when you travel.

Before you travel

  1. Check your mobile

    If you haven't already used your mobile when abroad, visit our TripPlanner to make sure your mobile is good to go.

  2. Add an International plan

    For best value, we recommend that you add an International plan to your line:

    • TravelPass

      Stay connected and worry-free when you travel with TravelPass. From just $5 per day, you can use your mobile just like you do at home. TravelPass allows you to use your domestic talk, text and data allowances in 130+ countries worldwide.

    • Monthly International Bundle

      For occasional use, you can buy a 30-day bundle of minutes, text and data to use in 140+ destinations

    Remember, Apps such as weather updates, fitness trackers or What's App on your device use data. If you use them or they update in the background while outside the US, you'll be charged according to your International plan. You can turn off Background Refresh in your device Settings.

  3. Want to use Data when you travel?

    Make sure Data Roaming is switched on. Instructions vary depending on device. To check instructions for your device go to and in the Search bar enter 'Data roaming <your device name>' eg 'Data Roaming iPhone 6'

  4. Coverage

    Check out the network coverage in the country that you're visiting.

When you arrive

  1. Welcome

    We'll send you a Welcome Message telling you what International plan you have and what you can expect to pay when using your mobile abroad. We'll also give you International Care contact details.

  2. Stay in control of Data when you travel
    Stay in control of what you spend when you travel. No matter which International plan you have we'll let you know about your Usage.

    • After you start a TravelPass session we'll send you a text telling you the time your session is due to end.
    • If you use more than ½ GB data within a TravelPass session, data speeds will be reduced to 2G. We'll text you with an option to purchase International High Speed Data for the remainder of your session.

    Monthly International Bundle

    • You'll receive a notification when you exceed your data bundle allowance.

    Other Pricing

    • If you use PayGo data while roaming or have a legacy roaming plan we'll notify you when charges exceed $50, $150, $250, $500 and every $1000 after that.

    Auto Block

    • Data service stops automatically once you have incurred $500 of data roaming charges. We'll inform you of charges and you can then decide if you would like to continue to use data.

When you get home

  1. What do I do about my International Plan

    • If you're on TravelPass you don't need to do anything. TravelPass will stay on your account, you'll only by charged the next time you use it abroad. So you're ready for your next trip!
    • If you had a 30-day International Bundle it will automatically expire after 30 days. No need to call to have it removed.
  2. Your Bill

    Most International charges will appear on your next bill. On occasion, it may take up to 60 days for all charges to appear on your bill.