International Travel Tips


Spend Less on International Usage While Traveling Outside the US

Travel smart and spend less. Sending a picture or email, updating your Facebook status or booking a reservation online—all of that uses data. Here’s how to get the most of your device when you’re traveling internationally, while keeping your charges under control.

Before you depart

  1. Keep in touch with family and friends by adding an International Travel Plan that offers talk, text and data options.
  2. Predict your data usage. Use your past bills to get an estimate of the amount of data you normally use. Learn how much data it takes to send a photo or use the Internet with our
    Data Calculator. Additionally, consider how your data usage might increase while traveling by using online maps or sending pictures.



Now your wireless plan travels just like you do. For just $5 a day per line in Mexico and Canada, and $10 a day per line in more than 100 countries you can take your domestic Talk, Text and Data allowances with you. You’re only charged on the days you use your device abroad. It's an economical way to stay connected while you travel.

Countries Talk, Text & DataCost per Device
Mexico & Canada Based on your domestic plan’s allowance. $5 per day
Over 100 Other Countries Based on your domestic plan’s allowance. $10 per day

*4G LTE world device req'd. Must be on qualifying plan.

  1. If you have TravelPass activated, you will receive a Welcome Message upon landing in a TravelPass covered country.
  2. TravelPass usage alerts follow the usage alerting you get at home.
  3. If you are actively using TravelPass, you will receive an alert prior to the expiration of your 24 hour period.

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Preferred Pricing Plans

The Preferred Pricing Plans cover service use in more than 140 countries. If your destination isn’t covered or you don’t have the Preferred Pricing Plans, you’ll be billed at the Pay as You Go rate of $2.05/MB for data and up to $2.99/minute for voice.

Because these charges can add up quickly, we suggest purchasing the Preferred Pricing Plan.

Preferred Pricing can be purchased for:

  • One-time charge for short trips. This plan automatically expires after one month.
  • Or, a monthly recurring charge for longer or multiple trips.

Preferred Pricing Plans
Monthly Allowance Monthly Access/line Additional Calling and Messaging Overages
100 MB $25 For $15 more monthly per line, add:
  • 100 minutes
  • 100 sent texts
  • PLUS Unlimited received texts
  • $25 per 100 MB
  • 25¢ per minute
  • 25¢ per text sent
  1. Use Wi-Fi where available. When using Wi-Fi, data usage won't count toward your allowance or be billed at the Stand Pricing. Wi-Fi can be found in many airports, hotels and restaurants.
  2. Track your usage. We'll send you free notifications including:
    • A Welcome Text Message that lets you know how much data voice and text cost, as well as dialing instructions for the country you're in.
    • International Travel Data Alerts that notify you when you've passed certain data usage limits.
      • If you're on the 100MB International Travel Data Plan in a covered country, you'll be alerted for every $25 you incur.
      • For Standard Data or older pricing, you'll get alerts when charges exceed $50, $150, $250, $500 and every $1000 after that.
      • The alert will also include your estimated usage and a toll-free number to our International Customer Service if you’d like to review data options.
    • Auto Block stops your data service automatically after incurring $500 of data charges. At this point, you'll be informed of your charges, and then you can choose to continue using data or turn it off. This is only available for non-business customers.
    • Pop-up Warnings will be given if you're using a data-only device that signs in with VZAccess Manager. The message will direct you to a website where you can check your usage.

As a last resort, if you know you don’t want to incur any International Travel Data charges, you can turn data off completely. If you do this, you can still access the web through a Wi-Fi connection.