How to connect your tablet to your TV (and why you’d want to)

There are several wired and wireless ways to stream videos, music, games and more when you learn how to connect your tablet to your TV. Discover which option will work best for you.

Tablets are great for their portability, but sometimes you might crave a bigger picture. Now you can take advantage of your TV’s larger screen and superior sound system by streaming tablet content directly to it. Enjoy your apps, videos, photos and more in a big-picture entertainment experience.

But how do you get your tablet and TV talking to one another?

First, decide if you can connect wirelessly (using Wi-Fi) or whether you need a cable. Cables can provide a faster, more seamless transfer of data between your tablet and TV, and this may be the best option if you’re playing games and want to avoid lag time. But if you have a strong signal, Wi-Fi may work just as well, and it wouldn’t restrict your use of the tablet.

Using Wi-Fi

If your tablet and your TV are from the same manufacturer (for example, a Samsung tablet and a Samsung TV), they may come with apps that facilitate the streaming process or allow you to mirror your tablet screen directly on the TV.

Wired via HDMI cable

To use a cable, find an open HDMI (or “high definition multimedia interface”) port on your TV and your tablet. Take note of the size of these ports; TVs typically use full-size HDMI ports while some tablets use smaller “mini” ports. An HDMI cable may be all that you need to connect your tablet to your TV.

Keep in mind that if one of your devices is missing an HDMI port, additional adapters may be necessary. Remember that HDMI carries both video and sound, whereas other types of ports may require an additional cable for audio. Be sure to confirm compatibility with your devices regardless of what you decide.

Once your devices are connected, turn on your TV and select the appropriate HDMI source from the controls menu. And just like that (trust us, it’s usually easier than all of this sounds), you’re ready to enjoy tablet content on your TV.

Why it’s never been a better time to connect your devices

You probably already have a good reason for wanting to connect your tablet to your TV, but if you need additional inspiration to finally take the plunge, here are a few reasons why now is the perfect time to give it a try:

  • You can take your favorite racing game from small screen to big; you’ll feel like you’re in the car instead of your recliner.
  • All the best tunes are in the cloud or on your tablet, so stream them during your next soiree rather than limit yourself to the radio or your old CD collection.
  • Funny social media updates are even funnier when you can gather with your real-life friends around a big TV screen. (Besides, some of them still haven’t figured out social media. So now don’t you look ahead of the curve?)
  • Too tired for the small print of a book or e-book? Bigger is better, not to mention easier on the eyes, when it comes to streaming content from your tablet to your TV.
  • Keep the tablet safe. Rather than passing it around the room (risking all that handling) in order to share family photos, gather around the TV to stream your photos to everyone at once.
  • Access movies, YouTube videos and more using a variety of apps on your tablet, and stream them to your TV.

Whether you’ve got company or you’re lounging solo, connect your tablet to your TV for a truly immersive mobile entertainment experience.

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