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  • Low $35/month plan with Unlimited Text, 500 Anytime Minutes & 500MB of data
  • Add more Data, good for up to 90 days
  • Unlimited texting to Mexico, Canada & Puerto Rico
  • Double your Data with Auto Pay

You have the freedom and flexibility to get everything you need with prepaid phone plans made just for you with no annual contracts, hidden fees or monthly bills.

Prepaid No Annual Contract Plans* for Basic Phones
  $35 Basic Plan $45 Basic Plan
Access $35 $45
Anytime Minutes 500 Unlimited
Unlimited Unlimited
Text to Canada, Mexico & Puerto Rico Unlimited Unlimited
Data 500MB 500MB
Data for Basic and Smartphone
$5 500MB 30–days
$10 1GB 90–days
$20 3GB 90–days
Data – Personalize your plan so it’s right for you!

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Enjoy unlimited text and the minutes you want once you make your payment. You can renew your prepaid phone plan for another 30 days by paying the monthly plan fee prior to your monthly renewal date.

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LG Cosmos™ 3 LG Cosmos™ 3

LG Cosmos™ 3

Take advantage of simplicity with the LG Cosmos 3 from Verizon. This easy-to-use phone features a QWERTY keyboard and will keep you connected on the go.

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WEB-ONLY EXCLUSIVE! LG Revere® 2 (Certified Pre-Owned) LG Revere® 2 (Certified Pre-Owned)

LG Revere® 2 (Certified Pre-Owned)

Enjoy an easy-to-use phone with the LG Revere 2 from Verizon. This basic phone offers the features you need in a simple flip phone design.

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Samsung Gusto® 3 Samsung Gusto® 3

Samsung Gusto® 3

Stay connected with a flip phone. Use Bluetooth for hands-free calls. Access the web and email.

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