Switch to Verizon Wireless and Keep Your Number

Switch to America's most reliable wireless network and keep your number. Bring your
existing number from your current wireless or landline service provider to Verizon Wireless.

  • No new number to remember.
  • No need to contact dozens of family members, friends and associates.
  • No unnecessary expense printing new stationery or business cards.

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How To Switch

Check if you're eligible to port or the status of a port request:

Switch to Verizon Wireless Now:

New Customers - Shop for your phone and plan online. You will be prompted to enter your current phone information at checkout.
Existing Customers - Sign into your account online and add new device to your account. You will be prompted to enter your current phone information at checkout.

Tips for a smooth transition to Verizon Wireless:

Keep your service active - Don't cancel the current service before switching. The number must be active to switch.
Have a copy of your current bill - To make the process easier, please ensure that important information is readily available. Have a copy of your most current bill, and if possible, your contract. Read the contract carefully to learn about any applicable early termination fees and other contractual requirements. We will need your account number in order to quickly process your request.
Have backup contact information - Have an alternate contact number for emergencies in case the port takes longer than anticipated.
Copy your contacts - Write down contact information from your phone before beginning the porting process.
Have the authorized account holder do the switch - Only the authorized account holder can switch a number online, at a store or via customer service.

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